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Jim Wendler 5/3/1 Tribute Video...


Wendler is one cool mofo. I personally find his writing style and the training clips of him damn motivating...


Doesn't show 5/3/1 that much. Should I make a 5/3/1 video?




I'm not sure what exactly I should put in the video... I'm basically thinking like a how-to 5/3/1 and show just the major lifts over the 4 weeks, or do each day on its own? Fuck


Not sure how happy Jim would be about a how-to video. There are already enough scumbags trying to find out all the details on the program on the web who won't buy the e-book. Scumbags.


I'm not actually going to explain how to do the program, I meant more along the lines of doing the video like for example

Bench week 1
Bench week 2
Bench week 3
Bench week 4

DL week 1
DL week 2
DL week 3
DL week 4

and so on, just showing the "attempts"

Make sense? I love 5/3/1 and definitely dont want to have a hand in giving it out for free. But that 5/3/1 tribute video didn't show much anything of 5/3/1.


What in the world is this doing in the bodybuilding forum lol


Because by using some of the suggested assistance work you can very easily make it a bodybuilding program.


impossible... there aren't any machines in his program.


Ah... Oops. I intended it as a Jim Wendler Tribute, not a 5/3/1 tribute. I misnamed the post...

I'd be interested to see any video you come up with though. Do you have any now?


I actually had to take the week off from the gym due to holidays/vacations/mother getting married/getting snowed in. But if theres enough demand for it I'd love to do a 5/3/1 video though, keep in mind it'd take a full month to film all the necessary footage.


lol... hey read his latest blood and chalk! It's got teh leg extensions and curlz.


And by modifying Arnold Schwarzenegger's routine you could easily make it into a powerlifting program, but I don't see tribute threads to Arnold in the powerlifting forum (in spite of the fact that Arnold actually was a powerlifter, whereas no bodybuilder has ever aspired to look like Jim Wendler...)

I find it strange that anybody thought to have a tribute thread to a guy, in the bodybuilding forum, who isn't a bodybuilder and doesn't look like one.


Ah, I see what you're saying. I don't draw such a line between powerlifting and bodybuilding, personally, especially because powerlifting has done more to improve my size and my look than anything else.

Regardless the only reason I didn't post it elsewhere was my own stupidity...

I'm a fan of Jim, but mostly I just like videos that inspire me before I head out to the gym - and I notice that what inspires me is a little different than what inspires other people. So, I tried to put together an inspirational vid. Having never done anything like that before, I can see it's not particularly good, but it was good practise and I learned how to use my video editing stuff.

(I also found some cool ass music)

I'd like to make another video but perhaps using someone for who there is more video footage available...


Isn't it only like $20?

Even in college, making 12k a year and living on my own, I could afford 20 bills, lol.


I read it as a 5/3/1 thread....bodybuilding is not always posing on stage. I have a lot of respect for those guys, but building a muscular body can be exactly like looking like Wendler.

He has the "full house" look that many on this board refer to as a good aesthetic look.

No need to defend something that does not need defending.


I agree.

I've literally been asked for exact details of programs and diets outlined in 20 to 40 buck e-books.

Working ONE day tending bar, waiting tables, folding clothes, or shoveling snow can get someone the damn book!

Actually, even if someone worked at some down-and-out bar just pouring beers, they could afford five to ten e-books from working one weekend (maybe more).

Even if one succumbed to begging and borrowing, they could acquire 20 bucks from asking their girlfriend, friends, and family members for one to five bucks apiece (which they probably wouldn't ask you to pay back).

How do these people afford gym memberships if they can't afford a 20 buck e-book.


"He has the "full house" look that many on this board refer to as a good aesthetic look."

Not anymore.


I went to a two-day seminar with him. It was and he is awesome!


Not a bad point at all, and the program can be used by bodybuilders for a change of pace or whatever reason they have, so long as it doesn't derail from their long term bodybuilding goals.

However, even ordinary schlubs and Olympic lifters perform some of the same exercises in their routines - squats, bench press, overhead press, situps, chinups, deadlift variations, and so on.