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Jim Tressel Resigns


After months of trying to deflect and cover up, it seems that he has finally caved.

Should be interesting to see what this does to the corrupt world of NCAA athletics, especially football, where players bring in millions of dollars for their schools, and see little to none of it.


Timely satire:



Fantastic episode of south park.


I knew he wouldn't last, no way he could take that heat. WC do you see him taking a few years off? Or do you think someone will pull the trigger? If Mac doesn't make a bowl game this year you never know he could end up at UT.


I think someone will take the risk, after the NCAA finishes their full investigation (which is still in progress).

Part of the equation though will be if he even wants to coach again, but with someone of his caliber I feel like it's just in their blood and he won't be able to stay away for more than a couple years tops.


Yea I actually thought that was one of their best in the past couple years. Awesome.


Wow, all that because his players got discounted tattoo's? The NCAA is ridiculous.


Ohio State, this is truly a mistake


Ha that is only the tip of the iceberg.


Just another big time program that got caught. Nothing new. They all do it, some are better than others at hiding it.


Well, it was more involved than that way, he knew about things and then lied to the NCAA that he actually knew about them. The NCAA doesn't like being lied to, ask Dez Bryant, he lied about having lunch with Deion Sanders and they suspended him and entire year.

That being said, as a Michigan fan living in Columbus, i kinda sorta enjoy it but i think the guy was a hell of a coach.

BTW, Dasher, that avatar pic is literally killing me.


Urban Meyer soon to be Buckeye?


My thoughts exactly - although Ohio State has been worse than most in the last 5 or so years.

Florida is going to have something big come out next.


The NCAA needs a complete overhaul.

You can't expect kids to refuse all forms of compensations when they're making millions for their schools and not seeing a single cent.


Rubs hands



I see what you are getting at, but full scholarship athletes get most of their living expenses (housing, food, tuition) paid for. I know they can't have jobs, but they can also apply for grants/get student loans to pay for booze, cars, and other shit not covered by the school.


I don't think coaching at Ohio State would be significantly different from coaching at Florida. The guy has/had serious health issues. The guy had it made at UF, no reason to leave unless he felt it was necessary.


He's an Ohio native, UC alumni, got his HC start at Bowling Green, apparently owns a house in Columbus, and runs a very similar offense to what Tressel already had in place. I wouldn't rule him out.


I think we're about to see some major violations come to the surface. He didn't leave from the pressure of the shit we've heard about. Shit's gonna get pretty heavy, but he won't personally get in any trouble [unless it's illegal in the eyes of the law], but the Buckeyes are fucked. Also, I don't know if Meyer will jump right into this job [have to see how all this plays out], but anyone who thinks he's done coaching has their head up their ass. His health wasn't too much of a concern until Tim Tebow was wearing an NFL jersey.


Thanks, I've lived in Gainesville my entire life, I know a little bit about our coaches, current and former. I also know that he was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night a year and a half ago because of the health problems he has developed, which his doctors think are closely linked to the stress and generally unhealthy lifestyle that comes with being a head coach at an elite program. We had a fair amount of disciplinary issues when he was here, which I'm sure stressed him out even more. Ohio State is currently under investigation, I think that if you add that to all the same stress that goes along with any top coaching job, he'd be entering in to a situation that's even worse for his health than what he had here.

Can't predict the future, but if he does it I'd be very surprised and he'd be a moron in my eyes. He has legitimate health problems, even after scaling back his involvement and responsibilities here at UF, as well as eating better and exercising more, he still had to step down.