Jim, Please Help

Jim, here’s some background info:
19 yo, 6’2" 165 hardgainer. I was wondering where you thought the best place to fit this in was.

I know you’re already a firm believer in “doing neck” and I was wondering what your thoughts were on “doing mouth”.

The cry for help is real, people! If you get solicited for inappropriate things…just ignore them young man, you work that jaw!

I would follow a typical 531 template for “jawzrsize”, and, during your anchor week, shoot for max rep PRs of chewing spearmint gum. Start with one piece, and gradually increase the load until you are able to chew a whole pack at once without going to failure. Superset with sucking on a lollipop. Preferably a tootsie pop to get more reps chewing the tootsie roll surprise in the middle.


I guffawed when I opened this

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This and all other things will be covered in the new book