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Jim: Ok to Just Do Prescribed Reps?


I´ve felt that my ability to stop pushing reps on the +-set is a bit off, and more times than not often leads to reps beyond technical failure. My ego is bigger than my intellect.

Is it, in your opinion okay to just do the prescribed reps (maybe add in jokers?) for every week. Since the program calls for increasements every cycle the strenght should go up if I at least complete the prescribed reps?

stay well!


Do the prescribed reps and if you feeling good just push the last set to maximum (but it's good to leave 1 rep in pocket). :slightly_smiling:


I'm doing one of the templates off Jim's forum that's basically prescribed reps + Jokers, and things are on the up. Keep within yourself on the jokers and have at it. I'm doing 5% jumps to get more volume in up near the top, seemed a good idea and it's doing ok...


ippawel: The thing is, that when I´vw decieded to go for AMAP. My mind-set shifts and I go for broke, litterarly. With form breakdown as an effect. I have a hard time control my self in this state of mind.

Bob_Macc: Sounds like a plan! Do you hit 5, 3, 1 reps in the joker sets depending on the week?


You're not being asked to build a rocket and fly to Jupiter with it or stay steadfast while a bison stampede is coming right for you. It's stopping a rep short... does that really take that much discipline?


Yep, just like that. Except the last joker might only be 3 reps (on 5s week) for example.


5x65%, 5x75%, 5x85% then jokers up in 5% jumps - 5x90%, 5x95%, 3x100%

Or you could go 5x95%, then maaaaybe 3-5x100% if you're feeling good. But at the moment I'm getting the volume in at the smaller jumps.

If I have even the slightest doubt that the next rep is going to be even anywhere near close to less than perfect (you get the idea), I stop the set. I must have read Jim say that eight hundred thousand times, and I'm still trying to actually learn to do it.


You go for a PR, not for as many reps as you can. That makes a big difference.


Sounds fair!