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Jim, Need Advice for Back Strength After Injury

Hello Jim.

My name is Seppe and i am 36 years old. Father of 4 children and i have a fairly heavy job.
About two years ago i had a accident on my job, i felt down from a stair and landed with my lower back on a concrete edge.

Since then i have pain in my lower back. My doctor recommended that i should start with strength training. He said “make your back stronger and increase the work capacity it can handle”.

My current lifts are nothing fancy but i have to start somewhere.

Squat 60kg x 12 reps
Deadlift 92.5kg x 8 reps
Bench press 60kg x 9 reps
Press 40kg x 8 reps

I can train 3 to 4 days a week in the morning before my work. The gym is open at 6 o’clock in the morning and i can train 60 minutes to a max of 70 minutes, then i must go to my job.

Can or will you lay out a routine for me that i can follow?

My main goals are my back and getting stronger overall, because i have zero interest in being weak!

I would be very grateful for your help. Friendly regards Seppe.

Agile 8 - 7 days/week

Lift on M/W/F - one lift/day, 5’s PRO/5x5 or 5x10 @ FSL. Superset ONE bodyweight movement with the main movement each training day. TM’s very light.

Assistance work - weight vest work similar to WALRUS training ideas and the Active recovery protocols.

On non training days; movement and weight vest work. All weight vest work needs to be done as light as you need and no more than 20% of bodyweight. Before you add weight, try to do the WALURS challenges with 10% of bodyweight before you add anything to vest.

MOVEMENT is key. Be very patient (6-12 months) and the results will surprise you.

Thank you Jim. I just found your walrus training ideas on elitefts. And i get what you are saying. Thank you so much for your reply.

Key points:

Keep TM low, train for “power”, not strength.
Keep weight training to basics and don’t try to kill yourself.
Use weight vest almost every day but keep it to around 10% and NO MORE than 20% of your bodyweight.

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Ok i get it. Any reccomendation wich weight i should use/start with for the kb snatch?

Never mind i joined your forum, and found it already. Tnx for your time Jim.

Jim today first day of the challenge
One legged squat 100 reps total with 10% of bodyweight
Dips 50 reps with bodyweight
Chins25 reps with bodyweight total time 30 minutes it was brutal
Vest is coming soon

Good luck - using the weight vest IN ADDITION to barbell work is a very solid choice. The new standard is to use the following as assistance work:

88lbs vest worn for all sets:

DB Squat - 50 total reps with 100lbs DB
Chins (any grip) - 25 total reps
Dips - 50 total reps

Done in 30 minutes.

Hi Jim. So far im doing everything as you recommendend and i love it. Vest is coming within a few weeks have to safe some money for it.

Do you have some recommendations about food? im around 76 kg and im 176 cm long/tall. Any tips or advice you want to share with me?

All the diet recommendations are in the Forever book - I go over them in incredible detail and it is very easy to understand/implement. A common sense approach to eating.

Ok 2 things on my list now’, vest and book. Tnx for your time jim

Just ordered 531 forever