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Jim, Need a Flat Utility Bench


HI Jim I been doing 5 3 1 program for a few years now the closest gym is an hour drive from my house and it does not have the best equipment however the owner said I’m free to bring and take my own equipment I don’t have a alot of money but I don’t want to buy junk so I when buy a Texas power bar from elite fts cause the one at the gym sucked the next thing I need is a good bench to bench on I can’t afford $1000 bench plus shipping to Hawaii is all most $2000 so I’m just looking for a good flat utility bench is there any that you would recommend ? Would you rather press off a 17 inch bench height or 18 inch high .thank you Jim


Jim what do u think k about bench pressing on the elite fts 17 inch high scholastic dumbell bench it’s all I can afford right now or would it be really important to save up for a competition bench


The EFS Utility Bench (flat bench? I don’t know what it’s called anymore) is awesome. That thing is built like a tank and is best “dumbbell flat bench” I’ve ever used.

I don’t know about the scholastic DB bench - I’ve never used it.

So what if you can’t afford it right now! Save you money and get something YOU want forever, not want now. A bench press is last on a long list of “must haves” for anyone wanting to get cock strong:

Squat stands/rack

These are the four things that strong men have - so if you have these things, you are 100% on your way to being fucking awesome. Add in sprints in the sand, and you have the opportunity to be a tougher, stronger person.