Jim: Jokers + FSL in Full Body Template?

This might be a question which I could use in a trial n error, but I might aswell ask.

In you recent full body template. Do you still recomend a set of chins between every push-set regards of the programing?

And, on the 531 lifts, would you suggest Jokers + FSL?

If you are referring to Jim’s Beyond 1.1-1.3, then I’d invite you to re-read it. If you are finding it confusing to see the progression between the different articles, print them out and compare side to side.

You will see if you look closely, 50 reps of chins are included on the squat/bench days throughout the program- whether you do them between sets or at the end I’d suspect doesn’t matter much; get them done.

You will also see in comparing the 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, that Joker sets are introduced at a specific point throughout the program, by design. So if you are asking to include them with 1.1, NO.

The intention is to do 1.1, then 1.2, then 1.3, and eventually 1.4- they build upon each other, they aren’t designed as stand-alone templates.

If you are referring to something other than Beyond 1.1-1.3, you’re going to have to be more specific, as Jim has put out many, many fullbody templates.

Im referring to the one you find on page 43 in the book, beyond (pdf). Three day version with dumbbell bench on monday etc.


After looking through the book, specifically page 31, then 42-43, I would say FSL and Jokers are good to go for the emphasis lift of the day. This is the lift of the day using the 5/3/1 sets/reps. On the deadlift/press 5/3/1 day, I would go by feel- either doing FSL/Jokers for only one of them, maybe FSL for one, Jokers for the other, neither for both, both for both…etc

*i know the template on page 42 is referring to Beyond 5/3/1 rep scheme, but if you can do FSL and Jokers in templates 9 and 10, I don’t see why you couldn’t do them for the template you’re referring to.

It would depend on what you are doing on the other days. Training doesn’t exist in a vacuum. So you have to figure out what you are doing on the other days.

Thank you guys!

The other days are devoted to university studies and walks.