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Jim, I'm Curious, Do You Follow Your Own Programs?

I’ve been wondering for a while, do you follow the programs you put out? If so which program are you running now? And what does your assistance look like? This interests me and prob many others.

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Great question. I’m gonna assume he does follow his own programming style, and adjust to meet his specific goal needs.

Most of the programs I’ve seen are starting points for deepening understanding of your individual performance and training responses.

I’ve learned something from every type/style of programming I have done…(only been lifting 7months) but I don’t have a large sample size to choose from.

I did two Hypertrophy programs to start
Stapponi -shortcut to size 12weeks
Befierice- maximum Hypertrophy 8 weeks
I followed that up with a simply strength 531 style program. 12 weeks. My numbers jumped through the roof.

My last Hypertrophy block is upcoming (6 weeks) , then I will come back to 531 for a longer strength block 12-16 weeks

Pretty sure he does, he has done videos and stuff (maybe not recently). Also there are so many variations, if he was not doing one of the listed ones would you say he was NOT doing 531 or maybe he was just testing out something new to see if it worked to be included in the future?

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Jims personal programs follow the same principles than other 5/3/1 programs. He writes about his training now and then in the forum.

I recall that he was doing a BBB variation while ago.

I got asked this question one time at a conference I was speaking at. I was so stunned and confused at it that I blurted out, “Of course I do, I’m a fucking professional.” But apparently in the day/age of social media fitness entertainers/bullshit article writers, this is now a thing.

Why wouldn’t I? This is the same as asking a musician if he writes/plays his own songs. Either you are a musician or an entertainer; big difference.

I did one year of Malcom 50. Assistance is entirely dependent on what program I am doing; so impossible to answer.

Every single program I have written I have either done or coached someone while doing it. The vast, vast majority I’ve done myself. I can’t imagine any professional who doesn’t take the same amount of pride in his work. You lead from the front.