Jim - HS Success & Thank You

Jim - a thank you for the positive difference your work has made to me and some of the kids I teach/coach. Around Christmas time I began working with one of our HS field hockey girls who planned to play in college. While a decent athlete, she doubted herself and didn’t always bounce back from set backs well. We settled on our goal to become a workhorse and build her confidence by physically overwhelming the other girls. We ran a two day a week (sq/bp and dl/press) always trying for PR’s but adjusting for camps, tournaments, etc. as well as conditioning standards for her school. Jumps, throws and various sprint starts done before every workout.

I believe her proudest moments were when she showed me her press release in which her coach verbatim called her ‘a workhorse and role model to her teammates.’ Her second proudest moment came when she told me she had to return the prom dress she bought months earlier as it no longer fit her shoulders/back. Even better was that her waist had not changed and she was told she is quicker/faster than she was months prior. She busted her tail, but she is also not the first of the middle school/high school kids (football, throwers, powerlifting) that I have worked with that have positively benefitted from all of the 5/3/1 principles and your articles.



I’m excited, proud, a little ego stroked and jealous. The first three emotions are obvious. The final emotion is simple: it’s not everyday you find an athlete, let alone a girl, willing to put aside the BS and kick ass. Especially in high school. I hope she takes this attitude into life as paves her own life/way.

There is nothing more dangerous than a smart, well-educated, healthy, independent critical thinker who works hard. This is way off-topic but thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.