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Jim, Do You Ride or Watch Motocross?



Ive been listening to some presentations and interviews you have done that are posted on Youtube and notice the hats you are wearing are related to Motocross. Ive seen a Fox Racing hat and an Alpinestars hat.

Its such a small sport that I have to ask if you are into it much at all or you just like that hats?

If you are into it a few questions if you don’t mind:

you have a favorite rider?

Do you follow their training at all?

Do you train any motocross riders and if so what program you put them on?

Anyone else on the forum ride/watch motocross? Its such a small sport that finding this in common with people is tough to come by.

Thanks for reading and hope everyone is doing well.

  1. No.
  2. I don’t follow it but I know people that wave worked with professional riders.
  3. No.

I’d like to work with a rider but I only work with people in person and currently don’t have the time or weight room to do individual work. The biggest thing I’ve learned is you have to have a massive tool box in order to account for the injuries.