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Jim, Do You Have a 5/3/1 App?

Does anyone know of an app for 531 that is associated with big Jim. I want to make sure Wendler gets his. Wendler should reap the rewards for all the hard work.

I recall him not really being into having his program in an app. He says the gym should be a place just between you and the weight, to leave the gadgets at home. Maybe other people can give more insight, maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

As much as I would love an official App. There is none and there may never be one. Jim is sort of against it. Secretly I hope the huge money making opportunity it presents to him will override that thought. Using a phone app is no different than using paper. It’s dumb to think otherwise

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I hope that Jim stays true to his character and doesn’t cave for money. If he wants to release an app than ideally it would be for reasons other than purely fiscal.

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I lift at home so it doesn’t affect me but I imagine in a commercial type gym setup, the less distractions, the better! Just another excuse for some clown to take up more time in the squat rack, not squatting while he dicks around with an app.

There are “5/3/1” apps for your phone - just search in the App store. As others have said, none are “official” or created by Jim Wendler. However, they can be useful to store your current TM and calculate your %'s for workout that day.

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I say this as one who uses my phone all of the time. For work and otherwise. For me it’s not a distraction at all while training. I have made really smart but simple to navigate spreadsheets on Google Sheets. I spend probably a total of 2 minutes looking at my phone during training. I glance to see what’s next then get to work. That’s way more practical than bringing a notebook and pen. It silly to me to not take advantage of the convenience. A smart app would be amazing. I’m thinking that I pay $4.99. Hell, even $9.99 for the app. And with my unique barcode of my forever book, scan that into the app. It automatically unlocks all of the programs in forever. I select the program, enter in my TMs. Boom, it does everything for me. Make an account and have it track progress. Have a graph or something to track goals I have set. Length of time to hit certain goals. Shit like that. Tell me there is something wrong with an app like that. It would be gold

I suppose I agree. But in reality, I just want one. Couldn’t care less how it happens. It’s a business, I’m perfectly happy to receive a quality product I paid for, be made for the sole purpose of profit.

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I use my phone and an app where I can have my exercises for each day layed out as I like. It’s a free app and not related to Wendler, just works as a piece of paper sort of.
Now I risk my neck. I don’t use the exact percentage weights… UHHH I know.
I have my top working weight on a piece of paper that weight is 5 pound more than the last time. Now my app tells me that last time i did my 3 working sets at say 170 185 and 200 next time i just up every set with 5 pound so 175 190 and 205 i know that’s not the exact percentage but for me it’s close enough.
I have my own supplemtal and assistance and can’t help it, but i plan it. Not really one of Jims templates close but then again not, exept for the main lift.
But well i would love a wendler approved app.

I use an app called RepCount Pro at the moment, works like a charm. If there will be an 5/3/1 app, I’d be happy to pay for it.

I agree having the phone isn’t a distraction if your just using it to see what your program is, you need to know the exact % for each weight and sometimes record PR sets. I do mine in google sheets which is not ideal. One way an app could take advantage of the phone features is a notification which can show up on the lock screen that shows your next couple sets until you dismiss them. I plan on making my own app one of these days for this but probably just for personal use because of Jim’s say on the whole issue. If your serious about your workouts you can have a phone without it being a distraction so that is a non-issue.

Here’s the problem if Jim were to release an app: People would skip the books and instead rely solely on the app and not really understand the concepts of the program…then they would come to this forum and trash Wendlers work because “it didn’t work for them.”

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That’s by 531 second edition should be free… After all the information I got from this forum and his free articles on tnation and his personal website. When finally getting around to getting it I was really disappointed. Give the original book for free. Sell an app for $10
But if you want access in an app for the forever stuff. That requires a book purchase. Seems win/win to me

Yeah there are multiple ways around it, one would to somehow limit the app to only people who bought the book or something. Like the app almost does nothing useful until you enter something to indicate which book you have.

I feel like some of you guys are way overthinking this, and although I don’t know Jim personally I can all but assure you he has no interest in these convulated product/pricing schemes you’re dreaming up.

There ARE 5/3/1 apps if you just search “531” on the App Store. They will calculate your percentages and even give you warm up sets, etc… They aren’t official, and are just calulators that apply simple math based on the TM’s of the 531 program. What more do you want?

Pen, paper, calculator. Banged this out on the shitter.


I think an app kinda cheapens the experience. I prefer a pen & pad but I’m a newb so…

Of course not. I don’t actually expect it to be reality. But it’s fun to talk about it