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Jim, BJJ In-Season Template Thoughts?

Hi Jim

Thoughts on my in-season template?

Plan is to lift twice per week, train BJJ x4 per week, do mobility and recovery work on off days and eat for performance. TM will be 85% of current 1RMs

Day 1
Agile 8
Jumps or throws (x15)
Squat 531 + chins
Bench Press 531 + single leg Bulgarians (bodyweight x50)
Dips (x50) + ab wheel x50
6 minute mile

Day 2
Agile 8
Jumps or throws (x15)
Deadlift 531 + chins
Press 531 + band pull aparts (x50-100)
Push ups (x50) + ab wheel x50
x10 hill sprints

For inseason lifting, we don’t usually do PR work and we cut back supplemental work (as you did) and cut back the assistance work. Bar speed is most important as well as recovery/movement.

Thanks Jim, so 5pro for the main work in that case?

Sorry for the questions if this has been answered elsewhere, I’d based it on your 531 and Athletes article: https://www.t-nation.com/training/531-and-athletes

This is pretty much exactly what I’ve been doing; between BJJ, Striking, and MMA training, I’m looking at 2,3, sometimes even 4 hours of training 3-4 days per week. I looked at how much stuff I could take OUT of my training, not what I could add in. Several reps left in the tank on the “+” sets, all assistance is bodyweight with the exception of KB swings.

The biggest thing I’ve done is switch as many of my main lifts to more joint-friendly variations as possible. I’m lucky to belong to a decently-equipped gym, so I do my bench and military with the Swiss bar (parallel grips) and my squatting with the SSB. This has absolutely saved my shoulders and elbows that already get enough wear-and-tear from submissions and the volume of striking work.

Thanks - the gym I’m in is essentially a planet fitness so it’s limited on decent equipment.

Noted re leaving reps in the tank on the ‘+’ reps - how did you set your TM and how quickly did you find it catch up with you with all of your other work outside of lifting?

I was going to start at 85% which should help re bar speed. Do you think I’m doing too much assistance?

Yes, 5’s PRO and probably less assistance work.

Essentially you have to find a way to do as little as possible in the weight room and still maintain/gain strength. This is the basic mantra for all athletes due to the high demands that are placed in other areas besides the weight room. The weight room is important but so are other areas.

Thanks Jim - appreciate the response