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Jillian Michaels: The Truth


I know we all hate Jillian Michaels but I came across this on YouTube. It's a little long but it's pretty much her Grand Master saying she is fake, use of drugs, and selling a product that is "killing" poeple.

Ture or not?


I'd pee in her butt.


I'd hit it like it owed me money


"sexually aggressive lesbian whose sex drive is jacked way up on illegal high dosages of steroids and growth hormones"

Guy's a hater and weird in a creepy way.


Looking at that face, it seems someone beat you to it.


Well it definitely looks like she has taken GH before so I believe the guy in that sense. But as far as Jillian Michaels goes I really don't give a shit about who she is or what she does.


I'm with you, buddy. Especially if she's a lesbian.


I'd hit it, and then hit it again with my aluminum baseball hat and I'd keep hitting it until the cops dragged me away for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


I must have missed it.

Why do we all hate Jillian?


Because she's a lesbian, I think.

No idea. Don't care.


I thought the boyz liked lesbians...

Guys are weird.


More often than not, guys like the theory of lesbians, not the reality.



Cause the reality is usually nothing like the theory?


She doesn't look like someone on "large ammounts" of steroids, especially considering she's a female, and no plastic surgery could fix voice, skin and hair chances caused by testosterone. GH, maybe, because of the square jaw, but not sure.

Anyway, I'd tap that.


Yeah unless you're on the set of a porno.

As for Michaels, she always struck me as more of a cokehead than a gear abuser.


I'd fuck her backwards while her girlfriend watched.



My thought was who is Jillian Michaels?


Why do we all hate her?

Who really cares if she used? She's not competing as a natty anywhere is she?


She'd tear your beaver UP!


O rly?

Care to explain? Since it DEFINITELY looks like it...