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Jihad Planned For TX,CA,CO


Saudi national planned to bomb locations in California, Colorado, and Texas. Yay multi-culturalism. Oh, and he overstayed his student Visa (attention Janet Incompetano).


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Why do we even give student Visas to anyone from Saudi Arabia? They will get lucky one time, and it will be really bad when it happens.


I've been wondering for awhile now, and I don't entirely agree with this, but it's something that crossed my mind.
Why let people from another country into your country, if your citizens wouldn't be safe in their country(and I don't mean not-safe as in freak car accident or drunken fight but singled out b/c of where they may or may not be from)?
I understand that it could be played back and forth(you did this first, well you did that first), but pretty much anyone who comes to US or Canada doesn't have to worry about being persecuted(like our citizens may worry in their countries), but it doesn't always work the other way around.
Now, IMO, if/when(?) enough of the bad apples come here, and (possibly) their group becomes a majority or at least a relevant demographic. Then the problems that our citizens may have encountered in the country that these people are from are instead issues that we'll be facing on our home turf.




People don't want to be called or labeled as racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering, or hate-filled. This is what the Left loves to do. I love how the Israelis do it, they profile the FUCK out of you if you plan to travel there. They bust balls, and they don't care who you are or what your story is. But like you said, once enough of said ethnic group arrives here, they organize a civil rights group to protect them (La Raza, Mecha, Cair) or the ACLU is funded to protect them. When they are questioned for some reason, scream racism and see if it works. Many times it does, maybe one day someone will scream back even louder.


OMG! ANOTHER ONE OF THOSE BROWN PEOPLE TRIED TO BLOW SOMETHING UP???!?!?! Good thing good ol' fashion white people don't do that in these here states... Fucking spare me this bullshit. And for what its worth, if I was from anywhere but America - I would want you people dead as well. It's amazing how people truly cannot learn from history...

I for one, cannot wait until this Rome collapses. If only to see the insecure faces of those with thought patterns resembling yours, tremble with fear.


You sound reasonable, idiot.


Yeah, freedom and NOT oppressing the fuck out of people sure are awful traits.


And if this Rome collapses(which I gotta say is looking more of a possibility), what would you do? Do you expect everything to go well afterward? I ask because although you may not agree with some things going on, I think things are hell alot better now than they would be if things collapsed.


Dude you are 19, what the fuck do you know about the world? Nothing, so shut the fuck up.


HHAHAHAHAHA! This poor soul actually thinks hes living in freedom!!! Omg this is priceless.


Oh for most people your damn right things are a lot better. When our Rome collapses the population is going to absolutely plummet.


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Your avatar is appropriate... A goat without horns. You are an abomination.


Oh GOD! They are coming for my neighborhood next?!??!?! hahahahaha omg you guys are priceless. Look out there are some jews that are going to steal all your money!!!! hahahahahahah


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Is your son 19 and still in high school? My condolences. Relevance radar is dropping to zero. You guys must have ran out of half-witted self-deceit induced logic to debate with.


Way to avoid my post, you know nothing about life and how it works. You still live under mom and dad no doubt. You spout off about shit, yet have no knowledge of what you are talking. Grow up and get a clue. It is okay to know nothing, you are 19. You need to learn that having an opinion just because you are allowed to, isn't always a good idea.


Your argument is perhaps the least compelling of all. You have absolutely NOTHING to add to the debate so you focus on my age. That is a horribly weak cop-out from a weak minded abomination. - There did I address your post better?


When you guys return to topic, I will be glad to throw rocks through your horrible logic.