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JIF Okay As a Peanut Butter Source?


I heard some bad things about peanut butter but it seems like a good way to get in some healthy fats. It says it is made with roasted nuts and sugar but there is only 3gs of sugar per serving, I don't really know if that is a lot or not.

Help me please.

Also, in my milk it says there is 11gs of sugar, is that okay?


Why not just eat natural peanut butter? Jif is loaded with too many extras'': sugar, salt, palm oil, additional fats and glycerides. If you must eat peanut butter, just get regular peanut butter with nothing but ground peanuts in it.


as said, ditch the Jif, it has trans fats in it.

best bet is natural PB, or at least Skippy Natural


Okay thank you for the PB question.

But what about the Skim Milk? Should it have sugar in it?


Organic palm oil is actually good for you.


I enjoy natural peanut butter much more now thats Ive had it for a few weeks, you start to get use to it, it has a very nice texture and flavor,after nature pb..jiff will be gritty shit.

milk..depends on ur goals


Lactose is a sugar.


You think it's okay if I have a glass of milk with a couple meals for the extra cals?


Dammit milk is good for you.

Why are people so against milk all of a sudden.

Read this: It's from Alan Aragon who the more I read and the more a research seems to be really on top of things in the nutrition game. He is easily on of my new favorites up there with Lyle McDonald.



No, you will die


Haha. I love it, Swole. As for the milk, its like any other food. It depends on what your goals are.


I see what you did there.


Skippy Natural is pretty damn good.


oh noes!


no shit. the plam oil Jif and other companies use is mostly low grade industrial i wouldn't feed to an animal. and frankly there's no nutritional point for it to be added to peanut butter anyway. If you want palm oil, buy higher quality oil separately.


Maybe good tasting but not good for you. It's a "pretend" health food. Has added oil and sugar. "Natural" oil and sugar. They're bullshitting you.

Natural PB = peanuts, maybe salt, that's it.

Gotta read those ingredient lists.


any suggestions for sore calves? i can barely walk


I really don't see why they add sugar in the stuff. Peanut butter already tastes naturally sweet to me.
Palm oil is healthy (better than many of the so-called "healthy" oils like canola), but obviously there are various qualities of it. I like to add high quality coconut oil to my natural peanut butter. It's a really delicious combination.

Peanut butter is a great source of arginine. However, don't eat LOTS of it. It is a source of a mold that produces the carcinogen aflatoxin. Whatever, you do, make sure it is roasted peanut butter. As HEALTHY as it might seem, grinding the peanuts in the store fresh (unroasted) is not as safe. At least that is my understanding.

There was a previous discussion of this on T-Nation and one knowledgeable person argued that organic peanut butters tend to have MORE aflatoxin than non-organic. I have since read it in other sources (which doesn't of course make it so). I can't remember the argument but at I recall at the time thinking it was plausible. I don't know if this is true, but it would be worth checking out.


I know somebody is going to complain that entheogens says that EVERYTHING is bad for you. And, it's basically true that you can find SOMETHING bad with just about every type of food. That's why you should eat a LITTLE of a LOT of DIFFERENT FOODS.


Because the 3g of sugar is something to even worry about?
I agree that natural is the best way, but Skippy Natural is better than Jif, not everything has to be black and white.