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Jgun352 Beyond 5/3/1 Log

I bought the new beyond 5/3/1 book and thought i’d give it a try. I haven’t kept a training log on Tnation for a while. So I cant wait to see the progress i will make… Here is my training maxes for the first workout

(Based on 85% of REAL MAX)
Squat- 240 lbs
Bench- 200 lbs
Deadlift- 340 lbs
Press- 140 lbs

I will also add in the Power Clean on Squat Days…
Power Clean- 170 lbs

The Training Week will look like this…

Monday- Power Clean/Squat

Tuesday- Bench Press

Thursday- Deadlift

Friday- Press

Warm up:
— I will follow the same warm up routine every workout

Assistance Work:
—For assistance work i will work on anything i think is lagging and needs work on. For right now that is the upper back/abs.

—2x a week using the prowler, sprints, or Jump Rope

—I will follow Wendlers slow and steady weight gain diet which involves at least 4 solid meals a day.

So there it is… For right now i am following a 4 day /week split, I will be using the Base of Beyond 5/3/1 Program. I will use all the options given in the book to how i will workout that day. The use of Joker sets and Down sets will be used as well as setting PR’s mostly every workout.

10/14/13 Monday- Clean/Squat Day

Power Clean-
*170x1 (NO PR)
*Work up to 185x1
*Drop down and did 135 for 3 sets of 3

*240x5 (PR)

Was feeling like shit so called it a day after that. I will go back later and do my singles and down sets on the squats and finish up with some conditioning work