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JFG Transmorg 2018

OK, getting my shit together. Pics and stuff coming.

Family still here, stealing a few moments.

Not very good at this thing, but here goes.

52, 6’2"ish, 220#.

Had a rough year (2017), moved three times, three different cities, two time zones and not what I was expecting.

No gym at all this past year. At all… Tried a few times, but health stupidities happened. My re occurring back came back with a vengeance. Slept three times on the living room floor as I could not move. Shoulder is better, but still, I’m old and paying for misspent childhood. I’ve been thrown from a horse, twice. More over handle bars from motorcross then I care to remember. Career ending knee injury my first year of competitive skiing. Not to mention all the hockey and lacross shenanigans.

But, that is the past.

ART is my best friend.

Been working out most of my life as a way to cope with hard work. At my best, 234 with low BF. That was over 25 years ago, so no pictures. House fire, long story.

T-Nation is my coach. Everything is here to make it work at whatever you want. As long as you are willing to do the reading and keep an open mind.

Lowry, Miyaki, John, Waterbury, CT, TC, Teta and a shit load of people I’ve forgotten.

For the first month, it’s all about getting back into it. We have one of those Bowflex M3. Kicks your ass in under 14 minutes.

Kettlebells and body weight will do the rest.

I’ll get more into details in the coming weeks.

Now, to figure out how to upload pictures…

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Hey, what do you know. It worked. Had to do it from my phone.

Anyhoo, enjoy and try not to drool…


I think it was Paul Carter that wrote this.
15x bodyweight
1 gram per lbs of bodyweight
20% total calories from fat
Rest from carbs

Yup, that simple.
So, for me, 222lbs (typo up there, I know)
So, that means 3330 calories.
220 grms of protein (880 calories)
666 calories from fat (74 grams)
446 grms of carbs.

That’s eating for the next two weeks.
Going down to 14x bw and so on and so forth.

I’ve been around a while, so I know what my body likes and doesn’t.

Chicken, pork, tuna, salmon and eggs are the staple protein. Ground beef when I can. I am not a steak eater. Although flank steak is quite tasty.

Carbs are all “clean”. By that I mean potatoes, rice, beans, lentils. Love bread and pasta, but staying away for now from process foods. Except sourdough bread…

Veggies and fruits. Usually 1 or 2 pieces of fruit a day, but all the veggies I I can muster.

I’m pretty set in my ways and my diet doesn’t change much from meal to meal. Makes calculating easier.

Staying healthy is way more important then the gainz. Gut health is top right now. Fermented foods and extra probiotics is part of my staple.

Interesting! Always wanted to know a bit about your training.

Will definitely be following along.


Right now, pretty simple. As noted above, M3, bodyweight and kettlebells.

Look, I’ve tried almost everything over the last 30+ years. I’ve kept some, forgotten most and enjoyed a lot. But most importantly, I learned.

These days, I follow Waterbury. Full body for the win. Being older, recuperation is not just diet. Time is not on your side. You can work up to a higher work tolerance, but the biggest obstacle is life. I have hobbies, grand kids, wife I love to spend time with. If I have to choice between a walk on the beach with the wife and dogs or going to the gym, well, lets just say I have to vacuum the car. Life choices.

BTW, look up any Waterbury program, and I’ve probably did it. Anti Bodybuilding Hypertrophy, Triple Total Training, Waterbury Method and The Art of Waterbury are my favs.

The one true thing I discovered is my lack of conditioning. The first time I did 2x24 lunges with 10kg kettlebells, well, let’s just say I’m still looking for my pride. You can build muscle and be "fit’ at the same time… who knew… Coming from a guy who did a lot of sports when he was younger… back in the 70’s and 80’s.

All I can really say, is always keep an open mind. Do a program as is, learn from it, and keep it or discard it. Jeet Kun Do type of shit. You know your body better then anybody else, at least, you should. Do it, shut up and learn. Guess that’s why I find the questions on 5/3/1 so fuckin retarded. And yes, I have tried 5/3/1 for over 6 months, and can honestly say it is one of the easiest, most adaptable programs out there.

Things I’ve tried over the years?
5x5 (the original and SL)
M&F shit
Full body
20 rep breathing squat (love this one, come back to it on a regular basis)
5 and 6 day split
Body for Life
CT’s programming
2x a day (Bulgarian style)
100% Kettlebells (Russian style)
Bow Flex
Strap thing.
Heck, I did a “Cory Everson” work out with my wife once…

BTW, all of the above where done for at least 6 weeks and more.

And for the love of everything, follow the fucking thing. SS for a year? Really? What’s wrong with you??

I’ve also implemented a lot of tid bits from this site and other. Bullet proof knees, Agile 8 (or is it 11??), shoulder health to name a few. No, I didn’t incorporate WS4SB in 5/3/1 because I wanted more volume… i mean adding some health concerns to make sure I can last. Doing an extra knee exercise before or after a squat session to make sure I stay healthy is not against the program.

At the end of the day, I work out to stay healthy and moving.


Not very good at adding reps and sets with weight though.

I put shit on paper. May I’ll scan it!

More like you for the training log. Random thoughts and shit.

I’ve done three days of M# and kettle bells so far. January 1 was a write off, so have to make up one day… Do you thing I should do two a day to make up for it? Will it affect my gainz?

Been here a long time, got a million of them. Sideways smiley face thing.


I was thinking bulking or cutting… what do you guys think?
My legs are quite huge for my body type, so I will not be exercising them.
My brachialis on the right is smaller then the left. What exercise to bring that up?
I’m an ectomorph, hardgainer with a fast metabolism.
And that damn mid deltoid wont grow.

Apart from that, very simple. Loosing the fat till 190. Then, just keep adding. Harder at 52, but not impossible and slower. Big part will be diet, and the basics where explained above. Ill explained supplements in a bit. Keep an eye out and listen to my body.

Staying healthy is a major component. I’m talking overall health and things like knee and shoulder health.

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You should use steroids. Inject the test into your right brachialis.

Also, bulk on days you lift and cut on days your not lifting. Best of both worlds.

Love this community.

Knows what I want to hear. Not like other sites that ask for two year old pictures.

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Just a busy week end. Will talk about supplements in a bit.


It is no mystery that I am a big fan of Biotest. Unfortunately, in my present condition, I am unable to justify the cost. But, that is not forever.

My staples are for health reasons. Omega’s, Vitamin D, Tumeric, ZMA and MSM type stuff for the joints.

For workout related, I am such a big fan of Plazma and Mag-10. But for now, I will keep to Karboline and BCAA’s. Creatine in my morning shake also. Pretty simple.

I personally think that caffeine and NO stuff should be forgotten. Getting pumped and jacked does nothing for DOMS and recuperation.

I also never count the calories towards my total.

HOLY SHIT. There has got to be a better way to find my log. Like three pages down…

Just checking in. Food intake is better. Getting my legs and lungs back for the M3.

BTW, there is no way someone can be in my shape and start the 14 minutes HIIT. It will kill you. Doing about 12 minutes on level 2 right now. No HIIT, just plan rowing, up and down stuff.

It’s a Bowflex M3, look it up, if interested. Stairclimber, elliptical and uses that wind wheel concept from the rower. Pretty intense.

Question. Reading comprehension. What is so hard??


No movement, just adapting very well to my workouts.

Been a tad busy lately. Same for the next couple weeks.

As nothing to share, keeping it short and trudging on.

221 still. Time to bring it down to 14x

3100 calories
220 grms protein
619 calories from fat (69 grms)
412 grms of carbs

New job, new hours that I’m getting used to. Italian restaurant, so pasta once in a while, which will change in the next month.

Also, time to take a break.

The amount of stupid post can only be taken for so much. Love to help people, but the amount of spoon feeding some of these people ask for is just too much for the mental well being.

Just wish there was more open minded people.

Nature of the beast.

Been a while.

Long story short, my wife got sick. This was the last thing on my mind.

Hope everyone has a good year and keep the peace.

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I’m really sorry to hear that, man.

I hope you guys are doing well. Or at least better.

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Just noticed this.

Hope you and your wife are doing better.