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Jews and Slave Tradimg



What a disgusting little man.


Anyone know that a white(Irish) slave fetched only 1/10th the price of a black slave? And that white slaves were often bashed/murdered/starved because they were so cheap to replace? Anyone know about the 100,000 white children between the ages of 10 and 15 who were taken from their parents and shipped to the New World to be sold as slaves in the 1650's alone?

Anyone stop to think that mass starvation, mass murder and genocide has not been committed against blacks(except by other blacks/arabs etc) but it has against whites and Jews and very recently at that? Anyone ever stop to think that Jews have suffered persecution for 35 centuries, that the history of the Poles is a tragedy of epic proportions and that Ireland was a slavery plantation and the world's largest source of slaves for hundreds of years for example?

Lastly, anyone ever stop to think that it was white people(Britain/US) who abolished slavery but that a slave market is still being run today in the Sudan? And not by white people or Jews.

I'm not trying to minimise the injustices, oppression and atrocities blacks suffered. I'm trying to bring some PERSPECTIVE to things.

This comment is not directed at the OP who is clearly a headcase, but at the curious who come to this thread.


But you can't deepen racial divides with facts like that.


'This I regard as history's highest function, to let no worthy action be uncommemorated, and to hold out the reprobation of posterity as a terror to evil words and deeds.' - Tacitus


[EDIT] Ah, nevermind. Not worth it.


What's funny is I called bullshit on this, and then looked at refutations of the man's facts.
To my suprise, his book is not actually refuted well at all. Opposing Professors from Harvard and Dartmouth have made several rebuttals. I did a cursory scan over some of the claimed facts.

They claim that of all Southern Slave Owners only 1.25% percent were Jews. However this is not a refutation at all, because this figure does not take into account that Jews were at most 1% of the population at that time but probably far lesser. In 1820, census estimates found there to be only around 3,000 Jews living in the the Ante-Bellum South. According to the recent book, "The Jewish Confederates," the entire
Jewish population of the South in 1860 was only 25,000. At the time of the Civil War the Confederate population, about 5.8 million free whites and and 3.5 million slaves. So if the Jews were a percentage of that population, they would have been about .4 percent of the population.

The Southern White's mean average of Slave ownership was 4.8% for the entire group with a much larger population to count from that of 3.5 million. 1/20 Southern Whites was a slave owner.

While if Jews constituted only .4 percent of the population, but accounted for 1.25% of all slave owners. This would they had they were more that they were 3x more proportionate in slavery per their share in the population, and their the ownership of slaves was probably omnipresent among them to account for such a statistic. To put it in perspective, Jews were 60x more likely to be slave owners than Southern White Christians.

So, in conclusion, they were indeed, far more involved in slavery proportionally than whites, as their group was severely over represented statistically considering its extremely small numbers. Facts don't like, even if you wish they did.

So I guess historical revisionism is wrong again. Farrakhan is at least partially right.


Since they were specialists in money lending and trade, because of the limited options in Europe, thats probably what they continued with in the new world.


Is that Justification I smell?

Here's another example of justification.
"Since the German people were castrated by the great powers to the point of the destruction of their national sovereignty and economy collapse. Militarism and hypervigilance were there only means of rising up. Since they were screwed economically through the financial system, and Jews represent the plurality fo European financiers, then it only made sense they would focus their frustration on the Jews."
It's a slippery slope you walk when you justify things.

So anyways I did the math on Jews slave ownership in 1860.
278,400 White Gentle Slave Owners, or 4.8 percent of their total population.
283,995 TOTAL Slave Owners

3,550 Jewish Slave Owners, 14% of Jews were slave owners.

So Jews at least in that instance were 300% more invested in slavery than Gentle whites were.


I demand reparations! But from whom? XD


No, it's neutral, I have no emotions invested in the subject. It seems plausible to me. You tell me why they were so well represented.


People owned slaves. Who knew?


I'll hazard a guess. Many Jews had intergrated into the highest levels of European society at an early stage. Jews are a mercantile people(generalisation). Slave trading was amongst the most profitable 'trades' in the world.

Good stuff breaking down the numbers Rohn. Now I know the percentage of reparations to demand from Jews and the percentage from gentiles.


Well well, you learn something everyday.


what's interesting is that slave trade (which is still alive and well in Africa) was first and foremost an African business - slave ships had just enough crew on them to control the slaves being transported (they actually had to rely on slave guards, selected from the slave population to control the rest of the slaves) - those weren't military expeditions to capture Africans.

Slaves were sold to whoever would pay for them by African slave traders, so pretty much every slave sold to an American slave owner had an African or Arab owner at some point.


I think slavery is wrong...

Pisrael? Really? Forgive me but I am seeing a pattern here....Why single out Jews in the slave trade? There's plenty of blame to go around.

It's over, let's move on...


Because people single out 'White People' even tho they bought their slaves from Blacks and were underrepresented per capita in the Ownership in the USA.

The revisionist Jew owned media likes to play up their victim story and pit other racial groups against eachother for the benefit of the plutocracy that has a large amount of Jews in it. Ironically, under white's only segregation laws, Jews were considered White men, and under the new diversity laws that favor minority involvement; Jews are considered an oppressed minority group.

I don't agree with Farrakhan but I respect that he has the balls to call them on this bullshit. It's about time.


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This is actually not true. Affirmative action has higher standards for Jews and Asians, lest we took over the Ivy League. Lots of lawsuits shook lose these standards.

Sure. And I want my reparations for enslavement in Eqypt. Those pyramids are ours! Pay up Africans!

Hell, I'd settle for the beach house the French so willingly stole from my grandfather. And the Bosch stock my other grandfather "donated" to the Nazis to escape.

As an aside, Obama's white family were slave owners AND his black father's tribe, the Luo, were the biggest slave traders in all of Africa --- he's not actually black, he's berber or arab, and were the core of the slave trade, long after the USA's Civil War.


I don't need to refute you, I'm going to have the real Hebrews sort you out.


wonder who farakhan hates more - whitey ze devul or ze evul joo...