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Jewish Pros

Wondering if anyone knows if there are any high ranking jewish bodybuilders or pros out there. Never heard of any, and every other jew in my school is a 5 foot pencil stick. You’d think with products like kosher salt and empire meats we’d look a little better.

Ps. O crap passovers comming up, that means i got to hide all my carbs in my private fridge. 1 1/2 months and counting till D-day (competition).

Flex Wheeler

I don’t know about bodybuilders but pro powerlifter Oan Basson is Jewish… he can squat over 1000 pounds. Cut and paste the link for a photo of him… I wouldn’t call him a pencil neck!


I used to train at the gym where Oan trains, and I even got to spot him a few times. He was fucking enormous and strong as an ox. I referred to him as “the world’s largest Jew”. The coolest thing was that he had a tat of tefillin on one arm and a Mogen David on the other.

I feel your pain, Glassman. Every time I’m at my mom’s house all I get is shitty kosher meat. Passover is the most catabolic holiday ever, with the possible exception of Yom Kippur.

Sammy Davis Jr. Oh shit, you said bodybuilders, not comedians.

Stewardess: “Would you like something to read?”

Old Lady: “Do you have anything light?”

Stewardess: “Yes, I have this leaflet on Jewish sports legends.”

Old Lady: “Oh, that’d be fine.”

Nice Tyler.

Zev, I love it. Catobolic vs anabolic holidays. Rich.

Bill Goldberg is Jewish. Hes very large and strong. but not a bodybuilder.

Just research the evidence for the resurrection of Christ…that should solve all of your problems


PtrDR, I really hope that last post was a joke. I REALLY hope.

Not a joke…look up the evidence that we are celebrating this weekend…keep an open mind…do the research…


As should you.

“Easter Sunday is the date when a group of his female followers first noticed the empty tomb, and concluded that he had been resurrected.”

Amusingly enough, from the website ‘religioustolerance.org’.

I’d be very leery of affirming any such religious belief as fact with such a motley group. I share Zev’s religion, and your comments are in incredibly poor taste.


Zev, Don’t listen to PtrDr. He is Satan.

Uh, has eveyone forgotten Mike Katz? He was in that movie, you know, the one about bodybuilders… Pumping something-or-other…?

If here were Satan, Brian, then I think what he had to say would actually be worthwhile.

the name and fact of Jesus and His resurrection really bothers some people doesn’t it?
Poor taste? Calling someone a devil…someone you do not even know…seems in poor taste. And why would the devil speak well of the Lord Jesus Christ?..not a logical statement at all.

Is Scot Mendelson Jewish?

Ooops, guess I stumbled into the Theology Forum. Thought it was the Training/Nutrition Forum. My mistake.

quietly backs out of the room and closes the door

Dammit, Nelson, don’t make me go jihad on your ass.