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Jewish Food Laws


Ever looked into them? I think that this website's authors agree with them, even if they don't know what they are yet.

Except for maybe the milk with meat thing.


I didn't realize what else was on this board, I doubt I would have posted it if i had read the other stuff first, lol.

People are probably fed up with this kind of stuff.

However, the laws do align pretty well with what we know now.


Fed up with what kind of stuff?

Kosher laws (no pork, shellfish, mixing milk with meat, etc.) are based on safety. People back then didn't know enough not to order their porkchops 'rare'. Also, shellfish in the area the Middle East were (and are) susceptible to the "Red Tide", a fatal bacteria.

So, the HJIC's (Head Jews In Charge) figured out the most expedient way to get people to stop eating the stuff that was bad for 'em: GOD SAID!

As far as eating kosher for physique goals, you could do a lot worse. Tons of chicken, beef, etc.

But (and if you haven't figured this out yet, I am one of the Chosen People), life without bacon not life--it's merely survival.


oi, the stupidity.

did you know that if your knife touches the same place that a pig touched and you cut chicken with the knife and cook it and eat it you're unclean and go to hell. or maybe you dont go to hell, maybe you go to heaven but aren't that honored in YHWH's and presence and if you're Messianic then Yeshua frowns upon your indiscretion also. or maybe you must sacrifice a lamb according to ritual to not go to hell for your indiscretion, or if you're Messianic then you just have to feel bad about it and not wanna do it again.

sounds like a great paradigm to take seriously in modernized civilization.