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Jets Get Slapped for Being Men



Some say sexual Harassment, I say she can interview me anytime.


Holy crap.

Couldn't read the article because i have to go to school now.


Holy fuck thats a nice ass!


continue through the rest of the article... more and better pics.


Only one hetero male. Must have been a soccer game...


Heard about this last night during the game, that makes me laugh cause the owners name Woody Johnson. HaHaHaHaHaHa


Dat. Ass.

I'd wager she makes her living on her body, and her ability to get athletes to give her interviews.


So, the self-proclaimed "hottest sports reporter in Mexico" is embarrassed over inappropriate comments made by professional athletes while hanging out in a locker room? Please.

I'm not saying she was "asking for it" or that she "had it coming" (but, really, come on...), just saying that by making self-promoting comments about her looks and dressing the way she does, I fail to see how she can be surprised when the rich and famous people she interviews view her in a... less than professional... light, particularly in a fucking locker room, which for athletes can be a temple of hyper-masculinity.

With a body like hers, it is very unlikely she would be able to hide it with anything short of a muumuu (not to mention it would be a damn shame). But, the second you start trying to make a name for yourself by marketing your looks as a selling point in both print and pictures, you gotta be aware that you are going to be taking quite a bit of "bad" along with whatever good comes from it - particularly in her line of work.


This has been going on w/Azteca for yrs. They send hotties in for interviews, cry foul play & the station gets a shit load of attention & publicity. She has even been involved once before with a incident of the same nature a few yrs back.

Saw her on the Today show this morning, & she isn't crying Sexual harassment at all. Said she expects things like that to happen in locker rooms. It's all these Lesbian women rights groups.


Oops. Disregard my last post then. Good for her.


This entire story is a joke; even Ines is having problems following what is going on. My guess is that this is how things always are for her and she is so accustomed to it that she didn't even notice until another female pointed it out and made a big deal out of it.

Either that, or this is an elaborate scheme created by Tony Dungy to paint Rex Ryan as the most offensive coach in the NFL -- sorry I had to use "offense" and "Rex Ryan" in the same sentence, Print. They'll get 'em next time, Tiger!

edit: I gotta learn to post faster. Print already beat me :wink:


^HA!! Not only sexy but sassy too! I like you more & more SP.


^ I like her socks.


If anything her network should be in trouble for giving her a job based on her looks. Where is the menâ??s media rights group filing complaints against her and her network?

She obviously uses her looks in her professional carrier, therefore, her looks should be fair game for comment and criticism.

Additionally, I think the jets should look into banning her and filing a complaint for dressing that way and intentionally becoming a distraction during practice.




iono.. imo her only good side is her back side.. her boobs are meh O.o almost weird(based on the bikini shot) and her face is hurting a bit.. and my primary interest is latin women. I'd hit any day of the week but nothing to write home about.


ITT: Surprising interesting and funny commentary.


This is what I figured. Only feminazis could possibly look at a situation involving a bonecrushing sport like football, a hot chick, a locker room, and some catcalls and cry foul play.


Sharp intake of breath Damn.


I'm reminded of my own life. I was working for a multi carrier cellular kiosk and Sprint hired some of the hottest female indirect reps you could imagine, cuban spinner cheerleader, and a tall blonde bombshell. Well blondie, or Tits Magee as I would call her, liked the fat guy she would flirt and wear shirts so low cut that it left nothing to the imagination. One day I had a new hire and I called all the reps to help me train the new guy on their services, Tits comes in wering low shirt I get some glances at the goodsm she knows doesn't seem phased.

Flirts back and forth etc I introduce her to the new guy, new guy makes it so obvious he's staring at her goods that she has to buttom up her shirt. Long story short she never again wore her shirts as low again. Ladies who dress that way know REAL men enjoy the view but we don't have to make jack offs of ourselves. Fast forward 2yrs and I'm coming back from lunch at AT&T on boylston St and there's Tits she got hired as a small business manager, she sees me big hug kiss(dirty looks for everyone), and later on at a soccer game at Gillette Brazil vs I forget who we hooked up.
So again guys look appreciate but don't ruin it for the rest of us.