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Jet Ski People


might be looking to get a used one.

Have no clue about them, and only have used one once, but it was a blast.

would like to spend no more than $1k, with trailer would be great too.

any input here?

I see some on craigslist 1990-1995 $800-1100

I love speed, but realize the fastest may not fit my budget. also a 2 seater is a must

a few that popped up


couple others




really likin this one



i dunno but i want one too


^ post is irrevelant


Seadoo xp. They're the largest engine stuffed into the smallest hull they made in any given year.

$1000 is doable. Tough, but doable.

Also, expect to wrench on it. Probably quite a lot.

Oh, and apparently the '96 model is favored over the earlier ones. I have a 93 though and it's a blast. Really retarded color scheme, but I don't care.

I keep thinking of more stuff to add to this.

If you get a two stroke, and you probably will for that price range, I'd HIGHLY recommend doing away with the oil injection and converting it to premix.

For the not so mechanically inclined, two strokes use gas mixed with oil. Premix is, well, oil mixed in with the fuel, whereas oil injected is generally more convenient. You add pump gas in the gas tank, and the oil is added to a different tank that automatically mixes it with the gas before it runs through the engine. The problem with this is that on a boat that's at least a decade old, the oil injection system might malfunction, and you'll end up fucking up the engine.

That's all I can think of for now.


ahh forget it. Wife vetoed the idea in favor of a camper, can't really argue with that.



Get a damn tent and some sleeping bags, trailer the ski to the campsite, wake up at sunrise and get out on the lake.



good point as well.

we're gonna get a big tent as well, but with 2 danes, it would be nice to have a camper. and our own shitter


Ah, I hear ya there. I have an 85lb boxer/pit/mastiff mix and he'd destroy my tent if I ever brought him with, lol.


Yes you can. That is like asking for a minivan instead of a motorcycle.