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Jet Li's Fearless


This movies cinematography looks absolutely amazing. Its going to be a sight to behold on the big screen! The action looks solid and the story is interesting. I'm game!



Thanks for posting that. This movie looks spectacular!


Those action scenes look awesome. I love Yuen Wo Ping(?)'s choreography. He was the one who did the Matrix and Fist of Legend (IMO, one of the best martial arts movies ever).


The movie looks phenomenal

What is Jet Li's martial arts background. What did he learn, Wing Chun?

Does anyone know?

Or is he just an actor, who can do some cool stunts?


I have heard from official sources that this will be Jet li's last ever film.




From his website:

Born in Beijing, Li began studying the art of Wushu (the general Chinese term for martial arts) and was enrolled in the Beijing Amateur Sports School at the age of 8. After three years of extensive training, Li won his first national championship for the Beijing Wushu Team. As part of a world tour in 1974, he had the honor of performing a two-man fight for President Nixon on the White House lawn. For the next five years, he remained the All-Around National Wushu Champion of China.

Shortly after retiring from the sport at the age of 17, he was offered many starring roles and subsequently began on his film career with director Chang Hsin Yen for Shaolin Temple. Upon its release, Li was propelled into instant movie stardom and the film was an enormous success that spawned two sequels. This led to Li completing 25 successful Asian films before coming to America.


I believe he was a champion in Wushu, which is, I believe, a more "artistic" form of Kung Fu.* Wikipedia probably has more detailed information on this. So he's a legit martial artist (surely, you don't believe that he got this famous based on his acting ability, do you? =).

  • EDIT: Scratch that, Wushu is, indeed, the generic term for Chinese martial arts.


He's basically a martial arts dancer. He competes in non-contact routines, and has said he has no desire to actually fight in contact sports ever.


Good shit. Let some of those fat BJJ guys try that shit.


Why? I am a fan of his even though I think he sometimes uses too much crane support when filimg.


Sometimes it gets tiring levitating 25ft in the air.


I had seen the trailer for this in theatres and forgot about it until PGA's post, but I seem to remember the trailer itself even said "In Jet Li's last motion picture performance..." or something along those lines.

Looks amazing.


I still want to see Tom Yum Goong. Tony Jaa is nuts.


It will be his last period piece.

In the U.S., we just know him as an action star, but he made his name in Hong Kong doing the period pieces. These historical epics often feature figures from Chinese myth and legends (Once Upon a Time in China).


I've always been a fan of Jet Li, but he took it to a whole new level in Unleashed. That opening fight scene especially... brutal.



TW: Didn?t you say that you weren?t going to make any more action movies?
JL: No, I said Fearless is my last martial arts movie because I put my heart into that character. All my beliefs, the physical part, the mental part, everything is in that movie. I?ve been learning martial arts since I was eight years old, and the character I played is a great martial artist. And also, he died at 42, the same age [I was] when I made that movie, so I put a lot of my life experiences in that film, and I said that?s the last martial arts film. Because martial arts, in my mind, is totally different than just fighting. The Chinese characters for martial arts actually mean to stop war. Stop the war or stop the fighting. A few thousand years ago, they started martial arts to stop war. But later on, we [took] out the art; we only fight, fight, fight. So I told it very clearly in [Fearless]. [Rogue] is an action film. I will continue making action films. In my own heart, it?s not about art. It?s a different type of movie.


Supposedly Jet Li has found or rededicated himself (not sure which one) to the practice of Buddhism; and all this kicking ass stuff is not inline with the values and beliefs of the religion. thats what Ive heard at least


I liked when he took Mel Gibson's M-9 apart while he was pointing it at him.


Jet Li walks the circle (AKA, he's a Bagua practicioner"