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Jesus H. Christ!

I decided to try “The Bear” today since it’s an off day from Meltdown II. Let me tell you this is one hardcore movement. I was panting harder than the taco bell dog! I did 6 sets all for 6 reps at 80% of RM. I also rested 2 minutes and 40 seconds in between sets. I could barely get any liquid in cuz I was breathing so hard heh. Anyways this is definitely a killer. I could see a lot of room for injury if people don’t keep strict form. While i’m talking about hardcore workouts i’ll tell you about some modifications I made to Meltdown II. It wasn’t anything really serious. I kept everything the same except I minimized the rest period significantly. The 15 second rest in between reps still remains since it’s there for a reason.

1st week: Rest between sets: 160 sec rest.

2nd Week: Rest between sets: 140 seconds

3rd week: Rest between sets: 120 seconds.

4th week: Rest between sets: 160 seconds.

The original called for:
1st week: 240seconds
2nd week: 230seconds
3rd week: 220 seconds
4th week: 240seconds.

I’m using Mag 10 so i figured i’d play around with it and the results are outstanding! I’ve done meltdown II before and never got results like this. Losing a significant amount of bf% as well as gaining LBM.

ive always wondered this, where does the H in Jesus H. Christ come from?

H stands for Horatio. I thought everyone knew that.

ive never heard that in my life. learn something new everyday i guess…

Horatio? I thought it was greek for “eta” or something like that.

im sorry for completley hi-jacking this thread but can we please get a definitive answer on the H issue? im quite perplexed.

Why are you doing the Bear with 80% of 1rm? I’ve tried doing it with weights as high as 65% and dont have the strength/power endurance to get more then maybe 1 set.

Glad you are enjoying “The Bear” - ooh, how I can’t wait to show some other stuff. Your tenacity is pretty amazing but I would stress to stay within the parameters mentioned in the article - 80% is far too heavy for 6 x 6 with that rest interval. You will likely find your bar-speed significantly slower than what you want.

Well just let me know if I can be of help and best of luck.

In faith,

Coach Davies

dude, I was just fucking around. I was sitting with a buddy of mine, and we were going through all the “H” names we could think of. We both thought “Horatio” sounded the funniest when combined with “Jesus Christ”.

Jesus Horatio Christ. It sounded funny, but you fuckers ruined it for me, being all serious. Boooooo.

Kelly, well I can do it with 80% of my PUSH PRESS RM. It’s killer but i’d probably assume that the MAG 10 is allowing me to do this. I just finished doing 400m sprints and am going to wait an hour and do the bear again hehe.

why do people say Jesus H Christ? It never seems to be any other letter. It sounds American, but what does it stand for and where did it originate? Holy seems to be a strong candidate, or could it be from ?Hallowed be Thy (middle) name???
There have been various theories, but the one that seems most plausible is that it comes from the Greek monogram for Jesus, IHS or IHC. This is formed from the first two letters plus the last letter of His name in Greek (the letters iota, eta, and sigma; in the second instance, the C is a Byzantine Greek form of sigma). The H is actually the capital letter form of eta, but churchgoers who were unfamiliar with Greek took it to be a Latin H.
The oath does indeed seem to be American, first recorded in print at the end of the nineteenth century, although around 1910 Mark Twain wrote in his Autobiography that the expression had been in use about 1850 and was considered old even then. Its long survival must have a lot to do with its cadence, and the way that an especially strong emphasis can be placed on the H.
Nineteenth-century Americans weren?t the first to take the Greek letters to be Latin ones?since medieval times the monogram has often been expanded into Latin phrases, such as Iesus Hominum Salvator, Jesus Saviour of Men, In Hoc Signo (vinces), in this sign (thou shalt conquer), and In Hac Salus, in this (cross) is salvation.

Coach davies: Thanks for the reply. You’re right about the bar speed. First 2 reps go really fast but after a while it really slows down. I have a tendency to control the weight too slowly on the eccentric part when bringing it into the back squat. I’ll try 65% today and use as much speed as possible.

P.S Coach davies: What would you recommend would be an optimal rest period if using 65% of your RM? I’m trying to push myself as hard as possible because I can only sprint once a week, sometimes twice. My ankles start giving me problems if I do any more. I used to run in really crappy biway shoes back in the day. I messed up my ankles pretty badly. I ended up buying Nike Air Max and slowly getting back into sprinting, and my ankles are good as long as I don’t do too much.

What in the sam hell are you guys talking about?

Well I did it today with 60% of RM. My speed increased significantly and didn’t die off till about the last rep. I must admit that I gave up a lot earlier today than I did yesterday. I could only handle 4 sets. I wasn’t as focused, my mind couldn’t handle it. Usually I’ll have really loud music blasting and even though i feel like collapsing I’ll Squeeze all the muscles in my body, grunt and do the next set. I noticed my form starting to suffer so I gave up early. I’ll definitely keep doing this on off days and monitor my recovery. If all goes well then it will be another great way to increase my caloric expenditure.

jesus scrub did you have to do that? now i want to know where the hell the “sam” comes from.

krystian, that was quite the elaborate explanation, however i still have no idea where the H comes from…

professor X just pm’ed me this tid-bit. for some reason he is unable to post on the forums. thanks X.

"Jesus H. Christ.

H= “holy Ghost”

It refers to the trinity of god, the son, and the holy ghost which is the whole name. My dad was a preacher and that is what I heard as a kid. Take it or leave it. "

within 40-65% of max, I would suggest the rest period within the article. Also try to add the exercises from the Hamstring and Man of Steel article.

But I am confused - you’re doing this on your “off-days”. Please confirm that with me because if so - I would definately want to convice you otherwise.

In faith,

Coach Davies

P-Dog, ahhh sorry, I just copied and pasted it hoping someone else understands it. I too had trouble understanding that. I’m not exactly a religious zealot, I just do my own thing heh.

Well what I mean by that is that i’m going to do it on days where I do absolutely nothing else (Usually Sundays). This is pretty much once a week. Sometimes 2 depending on my schedule. I have extremely good recovery and have done far worse with absolutely no signs of over training. Mag 10 allows me to go the distance and still make amazing gains. Last couple of weeks i have been dieting as well as going to the extreme with my workouts. Im still managing to add LBM while cutting fat and am feeling great. Today, for example, I did 4 400m sprints, 4 sets of the bear, jogged 5 laps and then ended it off with 8 sets of towel chin ups for 5-7reps. I did this throughout the day because I can’t do all that one after the other. I’m still feeling great and could do more but I know my limits. I don’t usually do this on sundays but for some reason I had the motivation. For the next 2 weeks I will continue this. I’ve overtrained in the past so I definitely won’t let myself do it this time. If adding the bear to my existing Meltdown II/sprinting protocol hinders my recovery then I will remove it. I only have 2 more weeks of this routine so with the help of Mag 10 i’m sure it will work out. I hate dropping calories down so I usually just increase exercise for a higher caloric expenditure. It’s what lets me gain lbm while losing fat.