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Hey, how is this for something that would only happen to squatty. Hop back on the sauce, and 3 days in I have the worst flu EVER. I had been coughing up a little gunk for about a week before I started but it was more than tolerable. I know the test flu and this is not the test flu. Anyhow, it’s very early in the cycle… should I just stop and start back up in a week when this shit goes away? What do you guys think? Training, cardio, perhaps accelerated fat loss from the sickness/hotrox/tren/winny/d-bol/anavar/cyp combo that I am on. All feedback about being sick is much appreciated.

holy shit thats a hell of a combo there… if you are just one week in i would take the time off and start over, wait a week and front load again if you have the gear to do so. if you are past week one just tough it out. just my 2 cents. about a year ago i got like a 3 day stomach flu mid cycle like pukin every thing up and 104 degree fever, i just toughed it out then went back to the gym the first day i wasnt sick.

OK, so we have one vote for keep juicin… stop training. By the way, no frontload with this cycle and every compound is lightly dosed.

try punching yourself in the dick a few more times!!!

With such a bad case of flu…and only a few days into the cycle…inhibition probably hasn’t had a chance to really set in yet as the theory of 2 week cycles is just that…that inhibition takes 2 weeks…so I would immediately abort the cycle and recooperate…take care of yourself and get well…and restart the cycle over in a couple weeks.

Dude, does it really matter what advice you get here? Not to be cynical but I’ll lay ya better then even odds that you’ll just go right on ahead, flu and all [;-}
The flu kinda fucked up my cycle here too. I am in the last week now and have been fighting the damn thing off for a couple of weeks now. Had to stop MMA training because I was getting dizzy from the decongestants. Oh well, still look pretty good for a sick old fucker.

Yeah, I thought I knew test flu too. Untill, that is, I started loading with Sustanon. I got a horrible, horrible flu that wouldn’t go away no matter what medicine I took and it only stopped when I quit the Sustanon. I switched to enanthate and it was completely gone within days.

My answer would depend on what blend of Test you’re using and how long a cycle you’re planning.


Im on cypionate… that half life should be short enough where I can abort… right? Seriously spook… your advice is appreciated and if you guys reccomend that I stop, I will stop.

Still don’t know the length of cycle you were shooting for but if it is a shorter cycle I’d abort. However, if it’s another 26 weeker, by all means keep on juicin’!


Haha… no it was a three weeker… three on, one off, two on, four off. I feel slightly better today… I’m going to keep on juicin and hopefully get back in the gym tomorrow. This thing might just blow over.

Spook was right.

"Dude, does it really matter what advice you get here? Not to be cynical but I’ll lay ya better then even odds that you’ll just go right on ahead, flu and all [;-}

i thoguht AAS was to boost immune sys?

The same thing happened to me when I was on test/deca/winny, in the 3rd week of an 8 week cycle. I was fucked up, a fever so bad my sweat shirt was soaked through with sweat! So what I did was this; I took 4 days off of school and training, slept 16 hours a day, took 50mg zinc/day, 10grams vitamin c, echinacea, and drank lots of water, and protein shakes when I could keep them down.
I conquered the flu very quickly, and only missed 1/2 week of training. And when I came back, I was well rested and felt very, very strong.
I’d say just treat your body really well, and you’ll get over it fast.