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Jesus Camp (Movie)

Hey guys im tyranator. I have lurked around for a bit and have found an interesting subject that the good people of T-Nation may speak their minds on. Now as a disclaimer, this is not meant to be insulting and if i do, im sorry but you will survive(im an ass and i know)

So one day i was browsing through topics and posts with my brother. We happened apon a gif of a “techno raptor” which in short was a lady standing there with a raptor for a head and lights flashing and what not. I know this may seem unrelated, but have patience.

So reading down a bit, i found out that the “techno raptor” was from from the doucumentary…you guessed it, “Jesus Camp.” This documentary is about a young groups of children who attend an evangelistic summer camp in North Dakota called “Kids on Fire.”

Now normally i have no quarell with christian summer camp, as i am christian myself. However, upon researching further into the subject, i paid a vist to the movie’s main website: http://www.jesuscampthemovie.com/ What i found, shocked me…

I took the time to look at some of the videos and was almost appaled. A few lines that made me cringe, and i quote “I pledge alegiance, to the chrisitan flag” and “There are two kinds of people, people who love Jesus, and people who don’t.”

Now first off… chrisitan flag? I don’t think my question about that needs any more explination and secondly, thats a mighty big seperation between people who love and don’t love jesus and i just don’t get its point… but thats me.

I would recomend you watch the vedio trailer on the movie’s main website to get from where im coming from.

Your probable asking what my point in all of this is, well firstly would you send your child to this (it is open to all christian faiths)? I find some of it disturbing, but then i also find some comfort in knowing that a few things said in the trailer were true… i don’t know, i guess im kinda partial to the whole angry worshiping scene, to cultish for me.

Thoughts, comments, threats on my life, letters of admiration, all acceptable.

I saw this documentary about a year ago, and I was shocked by it. I believe the children going to this camp are being brainwashed and indoctrinated. I could go on a lengthy rant about this but I won’t because I’ve done so many times before with other people that have watched this documentary, and also I just can’t be bothered. Watch it and form your own opinion on it.

Definitely watch it though because the documentary in itself is very, very good. One thing I thought while watching it was ‘if supporters of this camp would watch this documentary they would not be pissed about the way it’s being portrayed’. What I mean is that the documentary in itself is not biased - there is no narrator and no opinions are being expressed. It’s just video footage and the viewer is free to form their own opinion on it. Very different from watching a Michael Moore documentary for instance.

“There are two kinds of people, people who love Jesus, and people who don’t.”

“There are two kinds of people, people who belive in Santa Claus, and people who don’t”

See what I did there.

(I’m not trying to prove Santa doesn’t exist, I’m just pointing out how stupid statements like that are.)