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Jessie Smollett Trial Watch

This is too damn good to ignore.

Thoughts? Opinions? Was he framed by the Osundairo brothers?
What does it all mean that the media took this all so seriously and then buried the lead as soon as it was found to be a hoax?
Or was it real? Did it really happen?

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I think…

Any POS that creates a racial hoax for financial gain should get the same punishment as if they had actually comitted the racist act itself. It’s not different than anyone who makes a false rape claim IMO; the people it hurts the most are the future accusers of legitimate racial crimes or sexual assaults.


Here are some better questions: Will no one bring up, “well, if the races were reversed…”? Or, will this thread not end up looking like something from Stormfront?

Fry this despicable cunt


Since you asked…

If the races were reversed, this would never had been a news story, there would have been no motive, and no potential for Jusie to make money/further his career from the situation.

There, it’s over. Happy?

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Yet another case of demand for white supremacy greatly exceeding the supply.


Seems like something a white supremacist would say…


because if a C-list white actor called a news station and said that two black men wearing Biden 2020 hats beat him up and said “This is Biden Country”, the news station wouldn’t have a story to write. It doesnt fit the narrative that white republicans are all racist. Ergo, no story, nothing to see here.

That hypothetical white actor would also be called a racist and already would have been condemned via media and social outlets.

But Jusie Smollet isn’t white, so its fine.

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Well, that’s an awfully specific, hypothetical. If we talk about racist hoaxes in general, there have been white people who made up stories about black attackers that have been proven false. There was that white woman who wrote Obama on her forehead but said it was black men. So the news does cover those stories.

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I’m not saying there haven’t been cases, i’m just saying they likely weren’t headline news for days on end. In the end, we’re all the same - but the media doesn’t want us to be that way. They will continue to push for division so long as it gives them more money

Awesome statement, mind if I borrow it for the future?

You mean like how the Waukesha attack magically disappeared off the news in 2 days, but they still talk about Charlottesville like it was the most despicable thing ever? Both attacks were awful and both were done for the same reasons, but one doesn’t fit the narrative so it doesn’t stay on the top 40 for more than a couple of days and the other is still playing.

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Nobody is willing to defend Smollett? Where are the lefties who see a white supremacist behind every blade of grass?

I don’t think there is any defense of smollet. no different than if an admitted white supremacist did white supremacist things - there would be no sense in defending him. Something lefties and righties tend to agree on is that we usually dislike shitty people regardless of narrative… its’ the news that makes us divided on shit like this.

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I believe in the power of stupidity. It comes in many forms and sometimes even has an admirable vocabulary… Here’s for holding out hope.

This is false. Keep in mind that pat has admitted he doesn’t watch the news.

No, pat is still talking about it.

They don’t post here. Tribalists like pat, think everyone is a tribalist.

I don’t know about the power part, but reading pat’s posts makes me believe that stupidity does indeed exist, and it has figured out how to use the internet.

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Not at all. I can’t take full credit for the idea anyway.

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Ah, the toilet is flushing on Juicy Smoleignet… Don’t testify in your own trial if you are guilty as shit. Everybody knows that interview he did with Robin Roberts was an act. He’s an actor, after all, pedaling a bizarre story about that bastion of Trump supporters, Chicago… It’s MAGA country after all, 'cause you know obama’s came from there and stuff, that city is just chocked full of hate filled white-supremacists lurking around every corner, especially when it’s -20 degrees and windy… lol.
If you are guilty as shit, shut your mouth and let your lawyers work. After all you will be questioned by the prosecution. A prosecution who likely does not like him very much…

“That lawyer’s being mean to me!”
“Smollett: can you spell or say the N word out of respect for every African American in this room? you’ve been saying that word a lot.”
There your words idiot. So he had Smoleignet read it himself… lol.

“I didn’t want to make the assumption that they were white. So I said, ‘Let me change that and just say that they were pale-skinned,’ ” he said, adding, “They could’ve been a white person, they could have been a pale someone else.”
^^^^^ This is pale-skinned? Shit, they are practically gingers from Ireland.
I hope the jury isn’t stupid, but juries can be… I could see how he could mistake them for white racists Trump supporters. I mean, it’s an honest mistake.
Yet, somehow I still think he get’s away with this. I don’t have that much faith in juries, despite the Rittenhouse case. But he’s doubling down hard on his SJW credentials and really playing to his victimhood… I wish they allowed cameras. I just think it would be hilarious to watch in real time.


You’ve actually made the original poster’s point. Those “attacks” are news only when they are proven to be false. When they are real, the MSM shows little interest in covering them.