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Jessica Simpson's Legs The New Madonna Arms?


I don't follow celebrity news, unless it's about Daniel Craig :wink:, but I stumbled across this today.

Could somebody please explain. I thought they liked to rip on her for being fat.


If I'm gawking at any celebrity's legs, it's going to be Carrie Underwood's.


I do not follow this type of news either. As far as I can tell, any perceived flaw will do just fine for people who make a living by "reporting" on emerging flaws of famous people.


I'm pretty sure her weight has fluctuated quite a bit throughout her career. Her legs never looked better than in her Dukes of Hazard days. If I ever watch that movie it will be to see her in the daisy dukes.


She looks awfully thin, almost sickly looking.


First person that came to mind when they said celebrity legs for me as well.


I guess that's the crux of it. It chafes.

She looses weight and they talk about how her legs are too bulky with muscle now. UGH. Maybe that made me more sensitive to the criticism in general.

On a somewhat related tangent, I read this yesterday....

A new study by the linguist and tech entrepreneur Kieran Snyder, done for Fortune.com, found two differences between workplace performance reviews given to men and women. Across 248 reviews from 28 companies, managers, whether male or female, gave female employees more negative feedback than they gave male employees. Second, 76 percent of the negative feedback given to women included some kind of personality criticism, such as comments that the woman was "abrasive,â?? â??judgmentalâ?? or â??strident.â?? Only 2 percent of menâ??s critical reviews included negative personality comments.

I'd also expect women to receive more criticism for their appearance from both men and other women. No surprise there either, but it's not good.


Yes, beautiful.


Her legs do look really lean in that pic, but some of the other pictures of her look less so, and she seems to keep more weight in her upper body.

Like Kip, my legs are always the last place to lean out and look defined.



Google "sickly thin" and look at the pictures of legs that are listed.

I'm not sure you understand what those words mean lol.


This is because women are more likely to allow personal feelings and emotions interfere with the workplace and also more likely to allow home/personal life to invade work.

Source: being a lawyer in a giant law firm for some decades and watching:

  1. male lawyers who hate each other with a passion work together just fine for mutual benefit, while women who don't like someone do stupid shit to "get" that other person that interferes with the goal of working.

  2. women lawyers break down crying because their husbands (that they never saw because they work 80 hours/week) run off with the kids and the nanny and become completely useless for a year --- while the men in the inverse situation walk down to human resources, turn in the child support order, and then (after putting in a full productive day) go to the bar and hit on hot 22 year olds who like his Rolex and Range Rover.

  3. vindictive HR managers (inevitably females or gay males) create petty fiefdoms and try to sabotage young lawyers and paralegals.

  4. Constant power struggles and dramas among paralegals and legal secretaries, also generally female or gay males

Men generally (and there are exceptions) pretty much go to work, do work at work, fuck off a little, and keep their personalities elsewhere.

Now, lawyers and soldiers are my entire sample of work place knowledge. Soldiers, regardless of sex, at least in the IDF, were pretty fucking serious about what they were doing. So perhaps it's just lawyers.


Jewbacca, I'll have to take your word for it. I have no experience working in a competitive corporate environment and I'm certain I wouldn't be well suited to it. We do know that women are valued most for being kind/sweet and attractive. Any position where we have to be assertive is going to result in more criticism. FWIW, the criticism will come from both men and other women.

Back to Jessica's legs. If I were a betting type, I'd bet that another woman wrote the snarky/ mean little article about her legs. Either that or her own PR firm. We can never underestimate how many of the so called "news" stories we see are actually written by PR firms. That newspaper article about how suits are making a big comeback this fall? On a slow news day, the whole text might have been written by the PR firm for Men's Warehouse. I think about this a lot when reading anything lately.


I clicked on the racked link posted by Puff, her face and neck look gaunt. She looks like a starved chicken.


Got to admit those legs in the OP are not even close to a good look IMO maybe its just an odd pic and odd structure but id agree with a much too thin look


I also think if these things are self reported that women just feel it more.

If you ever hear a man utter the word "judgy" or "you have no right to judge meeeeee" he is a faggot.

Not gay, just a faggot of unknown sexual orientation.

So, whereas women go through their workday and ponder the very important question whether the bitch in accounting just gave her a dirty look because she "stole" her potential paramour at a Christmas party, men are utterly oblivious to that shit, because we focus our minds on what is really important, hookers and blow.


Also, I would hit it.

You would not?


Step aside please.