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Jesse Ventura: The CIA Killed WHO?

"JV: The only thing I wish I also covered was the murder of John Lennon. I mean he was under heavy surveillance by the CIA â?? couldn’t that have saved his life?

NJNR: I guess, unless they were in on it.

JV: Exactly (laughing).

NJNR: It must be hard to be protected if they are in on it (laughing).

JV: Well you said that not me (both laughing).

NJNR: Yeah, well, just speculation.

JV: Sure, but its a very educated speculation when you look at the facts."


I jolly well bet that John had a plot going to have a coup in the White House and put Ringo in as the dictator of American! Yoko would be the real power though.

Holy shit. I used to think The Body had some credibility, but this seals the deal for me: he’s off his rocker. He must have done some reading about Operation MKUltra, put two and two together and come up with nine. What’s next? The CIA murdered John Ritter and Bruce Lee?

I wonder what he thinks about that Army doctor who killed a couple people after 9/11 with the anthrax-laced envelopes…

I think Jesse really needs to up the meds.