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Jesse Palmer - The Bachelor

Anyone hear about this? Jesse Palmer the backup QB for the Giants is gonna be the next “Bachelor”!
Here’s a story about Jesse:
About a year ago, a buddy of mine was a manager at a Hooters in Ottawa (Jesse’s hometown).Well, Jesse was home for the weekend and paid a visit to the establishment. So come Monday, Jesse’s gone back New York, my buddy’s at work talking to the girls.Conversation went something like this:

Hooter Girl #1 “Mmmmm, Jesse Palmer’s soooo amazing. I slept with him Thursday night!”

Hooter Girl #2 "What?!! I slept with him Friday night!

Hooter Girl #3 "What the fuck?!! I slept with him Saturday night!!!

HA HA! Three Hooters girls in one weekend! What a SWINE he is! He’s gonna be great on that show!

Atta Boy!

Looks (maybe? I have no idea).

You usually need only one to get laid. Bang factor is proportional to your talent.

What more do you need to get the job done? He`s covered on all grounds.


Yeah, I’d be a nice life wouldn’t it.He also said in an interview once that he didn’t get many girls in highschool because all the girls up here go after the hockey players instead. I guess he’s making up for it now! :slight_smile: