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Jesse Norris - 2015@196


Surprised I haven't seen a thread for this yet. Jesse Norris hit 750/440/825 at a bodyweight of 196 this past weekend.


dude is unbelievable. It's crazy that Ernie Jr's Wrapped WR total is only barely above this, and he is cutting way down. Meanwhile Norris is unwrapped and coming in light haha.


Wow. That's amazing.


That kid is an absolute freak of nature. Makes inhuman weights look effortless.


Yeah. Only 21.


Is he still competing with the USAPL?

And is that singlet backwards?... Just noticed on the DL lol


Ya thats what I was thinking, it would be crazy to see this kid actually fill out to 210 or so and cut to 198. Or even move to 220 over time since hes young.


wow, deadlifting 800+ at 21yo is just nuts in any weightclass