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Jersey T-Gang

Is there a Jersey T-Gang ??? Shout-outs to the Garden State!

I’m in NJ. Been in close contact with the NY-pack as I havn’t seen many Jerseyans on the forums. Where abouts are you? I’m from Burlington county and go to school in Mercer county- both around the trenton area.

Any others out there?

Morris county

passiac county moving to Hudson county. Gold’s Gym in Belleville is where I spend my nice, quiet evenings.

I,m from Mt. Laurel in Burlington County. Close to Phila.

What up hedo; that is very close to me; tell me some more about u- how long u been liftin, following T-mag, etc.? Where do u train?

I live near Newark, sort of close to NYC…

Joel- I train at the Burlco Y in Mt. Laurel. Been at this for about 22yrs. (I’m40) Serious for about the last 3 from a training perspective. Been following T mag since about Jun of this year. It has been an eye opener for me. Training methods, supplements, diet etc. Serious eye opener. I train 4 days/wk at the Y. There are better gyms for lifting but we have two kids and they do a lot there all winter so it makes sense for us. Let me know if you want to start up a group. I know plenty of high T level places to hold the meeting. The Y has a good core group of young guys who are serious…problem is the only straight talk they get on training methods is from me. Sound familiar to anyone?

I live in extreme north western Passaic County, N.J. (almost in
Orange County N.Y.) about 300 yds. past the rock that
looks like a bear, and around 200 yds. before the
bear that looks like a rock!

I’m sorry to hijack this thread, but I just wanted to drop a note to let you NJ guys know that the NY T-Pack will be meeting soon, and all are welcome. You can e-mail Joel for more details, or get my e-mail from him. His contact information can be found in either of his articles. Thanks, guys.

I trained there for about a year; did all my training for the BFL contest there, actually. I got pretty sick of it; the people there, etc. and found a new gym in Burlington City (Burlington Fitness)- I loved training there; smaller place, people didnt bother you, etc. Then they closed down and I was forced to go back to the Y again. This time I trained at the Burlington location, instead of Mt. Laurel. In less than a month, I just couldn’t take it anymore; and just this week I started training at Joe T’s gym in Mt Holly- another smaller place, and the owner is pretty cool; former Mr. NJ and just won the Masters title last year; doesn’t have a problem with me deadlifting, etc.

You'll see me talk about my Burlington YMCA experience in my intro to an article that will be published in Muscle Media about two months from now; its a fun read- very informative article for the Y-crowd also.

bump for other jersians

Union County