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IM sure everyone has seen the jersey shore but how do you think the situation and ronnie stay so shredded while partying all the time? Even in this season in Italy Ronnie is looking huge and jacked he had to take a cycle or something before the season? Does anyone have any idea how they get so jacked or know what they do for lifting? and one more thing dont say the situation workout routine video lol




I just heard that the Situation was being paid by Abercrombie to NOT wear their clothes. LOL

To answer your question, didn't you see the commercial with Ronnie advertizing for that other fat burner?


Easy OP..they just do zerchers and eat carrots all day BRO


lol yea i saw that no more fitchuation




Well there you go.


The situation is such a schmuk, he makes everything awkward and watching him hit on girls makes me cringe. The guy got famous being the butt of a joke and now he thinks he's really hot shit.


10 scoops of jack3d a day brah...


Dude, you'll tear a bicep like that. Trust me, I'm a doctor.


^^ Trust this man. Carrot related bicep injuries are epidemic in NY.


lol for real though what cycle did ronnie take before this season


Deeze Nuts-erone


His cycle is no job, train hard 5 days a week, then sleep for 9-14 hours a day never getting up before 3pm unless to meet a tanning appointment


Why do you care about these douchebags in the first place?



If only there was a steroid forum to ask these question.

That said, I assume low-dose test, winny and anavar.


Those guys are shredded and big?


Hahahaha, this is so hilarious!


Never seen the show. Never will. An obvious waste of time.


Since when were these guys considered shredded? It's pretty easy to maintain 8-10% body fat while partying all the time. 6% of less on the other hand is a little trickier. But neverless, google "the truth behind alcohol, fat loss and muscle growth". Pretty good article on the issue.