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Jersey Shore Premier


Did anyone else watch this?

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.


it was fucking great


I saw parts of it and wanted to burn my television. If there were two places I'd destroy, it would be New Jersey and Boston.

I'm sure it will be a hit show and set back Guidos for years..


I would rather piss glass than watch 99% of the shows on MTV or any network related to it.


I didn't watch this, but I did watch True Life: Jersey Shore. The previews for this show made me cringe.
God damn Guidos...
I've given up on the world.


One of my facebook friends posted this status earlier:

"Kristina...is vibin' with the situation!! hahahaha Anyone catch the new MTV show Jersey Shore? LOVE IT"

Yeahhhh I think I'll pass


this show is great, i was pissed at the end tho cuz ronnie broke a guy rule...bro's before ho's. also pissed that the one chick cock blocked the shit outta the situation


I was under the impression that the term guido was somewhat of a slur?


I"m with Wol on this one and the guy who said he'd rather piss glass than watch 99% of the crap on MTV ... I caught maybe 30 seconds of it ... maybe and I would have much rather passed glass out of my colon (thanks CL you know what I"m talking about) than watch anything past what I had caught

besides in on against Always Sunny and The League ... might as well play it during Sunday football or game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals or maybe a Rugby match or the Victoria Secret Fashion Show


"I'm ripped like RAMBO!"


im with polo on it being up against two of great shows for me to watch, but i did spy it during commercials and got some comic relief from those guids.


Always and forever! xoxo



You're my shining star...


I felt trashy after watching it, but watched the entire thing because it was pretty funny. (Funny in a "laughing at them" kind of way). If someone told me it was actually a parody, I would believe them.


I think this show will get the Young Dumbass Douchebag demographic. Which is 90 percent of the MTV demographic.

I'm pretty sure those kids on the show are good hearted people underneath the body spray and the hair spray.....and the alcohol...


lol, I thought that shit was hilarious. Who fucking cares if it is MTV.


fucking tits in green shirt, wow.


hi hater


I think I'll take a gander at it... I know it is gonna be retarded as hell and make me want to punch people in the face but I'm sure I'll get some laughs out ofit.


Fuck anything MTV airs and the idiots that like it