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Jersey Shore Plumber


Hey anyone see last nights episode? That one plumber in the guinea tee was pretty jacked...what do you guys think on a 1-10 scale. He was also pretty damn handsome:-)


i'd hit it


Only if you take me out to dinner first;-) and I am gonna order surf and turf.


Pics or.....


I'm into chicks. Also, who watches Jersey Shore? I thought it was 16 y.o. and younger girls.

Am I missing something here?


every thrusday (Jersday?) a group of us will hang out and watch the new episode.

u mad brah?


WideGuy was the plumber.


I see. I'm ashamed to say my girlfriend watches it sometimes. I've seen bits and pieces, but I can't imagine watching a full episode. It has it's funny moments I guess.


so how bad did their shit smell? Im thinking Deena can really do some damage in the terlet.


"Imma get on MTV mama"


yes you are. the show is awesome.


spill the beans wideguy... whats up with that place? Any info/run down you can give about the JS cast and house?


When we watched it, my first thought was "I wonder if those guys post over at T-Nation"


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So what did someone flush down the toilet? I didn't get to see that part.


Honestly you look like a fucking idiot...notice how they never even mentioned you...they chose your fat friend to talk about over you. And what's with the bandana? do you think people don't realize your bald when you wear it? And your face looks like you got hit with a frying pan, and your tattoos look like shit, no wonder you did that with your avatar pic, no one wants to really see them.

But again this is a website made for large men, and yes you are a wideguy.


Everyone watches Jersey Shore. You have been misinformed.


Wow! The jerk store called... they're running out of you!


x2, I was thinking the same thing, lol. Do you know wideguy in real life? Because that shit ws pretty harsh.