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Jersey Shore Arms


How does "The Situation" have such big arms with such a skinny frame?


It’s the tan, bro.


The creatine


I thought the guy in the pink was actually caring a gun…


Beacuse thats the situation right there


he has small arms on a skinny frame


roidz. duh.


squats? i hear those get your arms swole…


Do yourself a favor and die.


Squat rack dumbbell curls.


I’m originally from Long Island, and there are tons of guys looking like that,… a couple of quick cycles before summer, training nothing my arms and chest every day, then running 'round sporting the wife beaters.



Yeah maybe, but those guys have pretty well rounded physiques in general. They Situation a little less but still excellent.


what is jersey shore?


[quote]Anon43 wrote:
The creatine[/quote]

in yo socks. Gotta put it in yo socks brah.


[quote]guel0013 wrote:
How does “The Situation” have such big arms[/quote]

He doesn’t.


Maybe the first poster was actually asking a question in awe, not in disbelief and disgust.

Nobody would say those were ‘such big arms’. I mean, his biceps are able-to-be-seen and may actually arc over the course of their pathetic journey from his elbow to his shoulder.




[quote]Doug Adams wrote:

[quote]Anon43 wrote:
The creatine[/quote]

in yo socks. Gotta put it in yo socks brah. [/quote]

Classic! A couple cycles in your underwear also helps metabolize the creatines faster.


I think it was PX who said a good way to tell if someone is juicing is if they have very developed arms, but under-developed forearms.

Least I think it was him that said it.

Stu already alluded to this too, steeeroids that is


How come someone idolize these goofs? Wouldn’t girls get tired of seeing the same looking guys at the bar?