Jerry Springer

I know some of you wouldnt dare watch this kind of show, but some of the things on there are just too wack. what do most of you think? Are the people on this talk show real OR are they just a bunch of sorry actors???

I love that show… and every other cheesy, trashy talk show. When I first lost my job they made me feel human, because at least I hadn’t sunk to that level!!! Honestly, I think the people are real, though they ham it up for tv. I know a few (stress on few) people who are that trashy, so there must be plenty more out there.

some are for real, but they do hire actors sometimes. thats why all the fights kinda look the same. its caused theyre staged. in fact, jerry springer was asked to speak to the chicago city commission and he was asked this same question and he didnt give a straight answer

I’m sorry about the loss of your job, but if you are watching these ridiculous humans to boost your self confidence, then you might want to look deeper. The fact that others’ lives are worse alone doesn’t make anyone else’s any better.

Well, I wouldn’t say I’m boosting my self confidence, but I can say “my life could be worse” and know that it’s true grin Anyway, I was half-joking. I watch it about once every two weeks, and there are times I shut it off because the people are just TOO pathetic. Hey, it’s a guilty pleasure… and better for me than Ben and Jerry’s!

This is a typical show…1)STTTEEEEEVVVEEE 2) Topic (make sure it has one or more of the following words: stripper, gay, lesbians, surprise , prostitute, sister, brother, mother,father, pimp, sleeping) 3) Jerry " so whats goin on?" 4) " I found someone else" or"you never pay attention to me" 5) WHAM@# KAPOW*&! (think 60’s Batman) 6) JER RY!! JER RY!! JER RY!! or WE LOVE LESBIANS!! 7) Interaction with audiance: "you want a piece of me!! " or “GO TO OPRAH” or “wondering if the girl in the purple can do a lap dance for me” 8)“until then, take care of yourself and each other”. Only in America can you make millions with this simple formula…gotta love it

Without a doubt, one of the best indicators that American civilization is threatened by the stupidity of its own people.

I am aspiring to be a Jerry Springer guest. I think that would elevate me.

Hardly ever flip past the show anymore but then where I live its on at 2:30am. It seems to be quite lousy after they cracked down on the fighting. In '97 the show was at it “peak” IMO. I was in college at the time and after lunch there would be about 40 people in the lounge of my dorm all watching springer. That was back when there was actual punching, hair pulling etc, now the fighting is very controlled; bouncers step in immediately. The topics also seem much more limited today than they did several years ago. My all time fav was a family that claimed to always argue at family dinners; so Jerry brought in the whole extended family and sat them down to a banquet. Can anyone say food fight? I still laugh thinking about that one.

My suspicions were first aroused that they ‘ham’ it up when the show topic was ‘i’m dumping your ass on our wedding day’ and having a nicely layed table full of food for the big day, it went off big style, jello everywere,what a coinceidence!

If this stuff is real I fear for your society beacuse this programme highlights certain charactertistics of the American persona:

  1. All the guests have the emotional responses of Barbra Striesand on the menopause, cry babies!

  2. If a family member asked you for a fuck you would jump at the chance and then proceed to tell the world with your grandma in the front row!

  3. Every guest makes Will Smith look shy and researved.

This show is seen around the world and laughed at, it’s a zoo, a freakshow, insest is a everyday as getting dressed in the morning. This is now perhaps how certain people perceive Americans and this gives you a worse repuatation than O.J Simpson!

I hope this is all hamed up acting otherwise bullshit will reign supream over intellect and intellegence.

I watch it in the morning while I’m getting dressed for work. It’s harmless fun. What I really love is watching the paternity tests on Maury Povich. I love it when the girl is having 3 or 4 guys tested, and not one of them turns out to be the father. She’s usually so embarrassed she runs backstage.