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Jerry Springer

Just wondering if anyone knew how much is real and how much is acted. Some of it is obviously fake but some I’d swear look real.

dunno but before I have to do something academic I watch springer… then my confidence in my own intellecuality quadruples and I am THE MAN!

Its all real just like Santa,and the Easter bunny,and just like wrestling.You give humans a bad name.

I have read… yeah that other thing you do besides vegging out in front of the idiot box. That Springer’s staff will actually tell them how to act and rile them up before the show. Just like wrestling or any of that other crap.

The people are probably real but coached and prodded to act a certain way. I saw a behind the scenes thing on Maury one time and the “daughters who dress like sluts!!!” said they didn’t dress as slutty as they did on the show and the staff bought them super slutty clothes and pushed them into wearing them. I think most are real, stupid people are pretty easy to find. Ricky Lake is the worst. Never have blacks or whites from the South looked so bad. It creates stereotypes IMO.

I haven’t watched Ricki Lake for years as I don’t understand a word that the “guests” say.