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Jerry Seinfeld and the Seinfeld Show


I like the show but haven’t watched it for years until tonight. In my adult mind I just came to the realization that Jerry Seinfeld is the least funny person on the show. George, Kramer, Elaine, Newman, the storyline, and cameos carried that show.


Seinfeld sucks. I hate that show.

“What’s the deal with night stands…?”


Yup, another example where the lead actor in comedy sitcom blows is Everybody Loves Raymond IMO


Ted Mosby from “How I Met Your Mother”, the dude is unbearable.


I think that’s by design - that Seinfeld is the more of the straight guy surrounded by wacky characters.

If you like Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiausm is even funnier. It’s with Larry David (creator of Seinfeld) and on HBO, so it’s like Seinfeld but without the restraints of network TV.


Love that show. I think it’s interesting that most people think Larry is kind of a schmuck … most of the situations he’s in are from other people over-reacting to his schmuckyness. Had a crush on Cheyrl Hines for a while. Dated a girl who kind of looked like her in high school


Exactly. Jerry wasn’t supposed to be the funny character on the show. A show that’s 100% wacky characters can get a little too slapstick; you need the straight man for them to play off. And always remember…it’s literally meant to be:


I’m a former New Yorker so the show is even funnier to me. But Jerry’s not funny. My man George is the reason the show is funny!


I’ve always thought that bit was pretty damn clever and funny. Like a mobius strip of comedy.


Kramer is THE MAN! Check out this video and try not piss yourself!


LOL, pure gold. Here’s a few of his golden moments as well.


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