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Jerry Rice #1 ????


Ive been following the NFL networks top 100 count down for weeks now. To find Jerry rice is number 1. Come on now!! Id have to go with Jim Brown myself. Who was ranked number 2.For the record im a Colt's fan. yet I feel that Manning was ranked too high at 8th.


I don't know, Brown has to be up there but he did only play 9 years which is sort of like Sayers only playing 5. I also don't think you can compare some positions easily. Hell I'd have a hard time just picking the top five at ever position.




Okay bulldog I have been saying this in the other forum here. I have to agree with you.


Who else would it be besides Rice? He's so far ahead of every other player statistically I can't see how one could argue for someone else.


No one in football has been this much better than everyone else at one position:

From Wikipedia

Jerry Rice retired as the leader in a number of statistics. His 1,549 receptions were 447 receptions ahead of the second place record held by Marvin Harrison. His 22,895 receiving yards were 7,961 yards ahead of the second place spot held by his Raiders teammate Tim Brown. His 197 touchdown receptions are 65 scores more than the 132 touchdown receptions by his former 49ers teammate Terrell Owens, and his 208 total touchdowns (197-p, 10-r, 1-ret) were 33 scores ahead of Emmitt Smith's second place 175. Furthermore, his 1,256 points scored makes him the highest-scoring non-kicker in NFL history.

To illustrate the significance of his 22,895 receiving yards, if Rice had not gained any other yards on rush attempts or kick returns, his 22,895 receiving yards would still rank him second place on the NFL's list all-purpose yard leaders (category based on combination of rushing, receiving, kick/punt return yards, and interception/fumble return yards).

Another example of Rice's dominance is his performance against Deion Sanders, considered by many as the best coverage cornerback of all-time. From 1989 to 1996, Rice and Sanders faced off ten times, with Rice compiling 60 receptions for 1,051 yards and 11 receiving touchdowns against Sanders' teams (this would project to approximately 96 receptions for 1682 yards and 18 touchdowns in 16 games). Rice's teams won six of the ten games. To Sanders credit, Deion had 4 interceptions for 58 yards and 0 touchdowns in those ten games. Rice played against Sanders' teams twelve times, but Sanders did not play in two of those games (once in 1992 and once in 1993).[8][9]

Rice is remembered for his work ethic and dedication to the game. In his 20 NFL seasons, Rice missed only 10 regular season games, 7 of them in the 1997 season, and the other 3 in the strike-shortened season of 1987. His 303 games are by far the most ever played by an NFL wide receiver, and are only 72 games behind the NFL record for games played by any player. In addition to staying on the field, his work ethic showed in his dedication to conditioning and running precise routes, with coach Dennis Green calling him "the best route runner I've ever seen." Also known as one of the best blockers at his position, there was no aspect of playing wide receiver at which Rice did not excel.


Hey I do know that my Cowboys beat #8 yesterday, Yeah at least the whole season isnt a loss.


Hey Now!!!! Those are hurtful words to me :frowning:

Come on !!! " Leverage !!!!" Really ???


Hey Now!!!!! Those are hurtful words to me !!!!!!

Come on !!!! " Leverage !!!!!" Really !?


That was just a weird call. I don't think I've ever seen that called before, and when you looked at the replay it looked like he jumped right over the lineman.

I wouldn't compare positions when trying to find the greatest. Certainly Rice would be the top receiver, but I don't think you can really compare him to Brady and Montana, or Jim Brown and Walter Payton, or Butkus and LT.


Man I have been a fan since Danny White and Tony D, I have lived through shitty seasons and this has been one of the worst. For the Record I am from East Tennessee and Peyton Manning and Jason Witten are idols. The only thing is when the Cowboys play the Colts Peyton must go down.
Hey bulldog where in Indiana do you live, my best friend Doogie is about to move to the state.


Okay this is the way I see it, Rice #1 WR of all time, who is the best QB, RB or LB that is debatable correct? Now Rice is the #1 player at his position and nobody else can say the same, hence Rice #1 and I hate the fucker when he played. I am a Cowboy fan.


I saw a special on Rice's off-season training regimen towards the end of his career. It was insane. Among other things, he used to run countless sprints up some of those nasty hills in SF with a backpack full of rocks on his back. He always invited the other receivers to train with him in the off season, and although most trained with him once, they almost never did it twice. I really respect the way he trained at the end just so he could play another year at a high level. He deserves a lot of credit for his longevity--that didn't happen just because of his incredible genes.

That said, the scariest game-changing MF'er ever to walk on the field was a coked-up LT. He gets my vote for best player ever. That and as an ex-linebacker I wouldn't vote for an offensive player out of principle.


I always have to give props to Barry Sanders. He had an absolutely amazing career without too much of an offensive line. Too bad he decided to retire early, then again can't blame him.

Hard to argue with Rice being up there too.


The nice thing about the over-35 forum is that you don't have to try to explain what LT was like to someone who never saw LT play.

I made my logical argument, based largely on stats, that Jerry Rice is the best football player ever, but my gut tells me it was LT. I'm with JJackkrash. There's really no way to measure the impact LT had on a game. How do you measure havoc? He made his biggest plays when his team needed them the most. Third and short in the fourth quarter -- LT made the stop if the Giants were up, he caused a turnover and reversed the momentum if they were down.

As a 'Skins fan, LT was bane of my Sundays.


As a Cowboys fan I also hated the fucker when he played, LT really did change the game in a lot of ways. But again I still think people will argue that Butkis was better or Lambert etc.


I live about 40 minutes south east of "Indy"


He is moving to Fort Wayne. Heard it was cold up there last night.


Cold ??? in Indiana ? NEVER !!! it was a pleasent 5 degrees when I got this morning :slightly_smiling:


Yea it will take a while for him to accostume to the cold. Does Indiana have a state income tax?


He will love driving in snow and ice. Yep we have state income and county .Rock on.