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Be it that the “Off-Topic” Forum has taken on the tone
of a Jerry Springer show lately, I thought that “now” would
be a perfect time to solicit your advice. My cousin “Tiny”
(who weighs 420 lbs) can get tickets to a taping of the
Springer show in May. When first asked, I informed Tiny
that this sorta thing was beneath me and that I was not
interested in watching “trailer park trash” duking it out
in front of a national audience. But having enjoyed the "
Off-Topic" Forum so much this week (you guys were great),
I decided to reconsider. Question: Which show should I
choose …(only one) “People Who Love People Who Hate
People, and the People Who Love Them.” - Or the soon to
be classic:" Teenage Lesbian Mothers on Crack …?" Would
appreciate your expert opinions!!!

Id go just for a couple shits & giggles.
my vote go’s for the teenage lesbian crack moms!

I don’t have advice as to which show to go to (they’re all pretty much the same, aren’t they?), but if you go, wear a Testosterone shirt and wait ‘till you’re on camera. When you are, see if you can brain the bald bouncer guy with a chair. Should be interesting!

hold out for one with angry midgets (tho on the Springer show they all seem angry, youre in luck!), those are so funny stuffs.

You gotta go for the teenage lesbian crack moms!!

Obviously teenage moms on crack.

Was just informed that the Springer Deal is a “no go.”
Thanks for all the replies; I guess you can’t go wrong with
lesbians. I’ll have to settle for watching people bash each
other’s brains out on the T-Mag forum!!!