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Jerry Falwell Has His Moments


I don't always agree with how he comes a cross, but I think it is great he is opening up his resources to the innocent Children that are caught in the N.O. tragedy.

From: Jerry Falwell


This week I have watched in dismay the images coming out of the Gulf Coast as people whose lives have been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina desperately try to pull through. Throughout this week, I have often felt helpless as I?ve witnessed the reports on survivors whose lives have been so ruthlessly torn apart.

This hurricane was no respecter of persons. It swept through the region with ultimate brutality and wreaked havoc with all within its path.

Thankfully, the Christian community is responding to this American tragedy. Our Liberty Godparent Home for Unwed Mothers here in Lynchburg has been asked to provide temporary foster homes for many homeless Gulf Coast babies. We have agreed to do so. As pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), we are also in the process of raising funds to assist the hordes of hurting people in the ravaged areas. Liberty University (LU) has made a similar commitment. Further, LU is offering free tuition to any college students in disrupted Gulf Coast schools while those colleges recover.

TRBC and LU are members of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). I am happy to report that more than 1,000 trained relief volunteers from the SBC are either in place or on their way to perform missions of mercy to those who have been traumatized by Katrina and now remain in her chaotic aftermath.

Robert E. Reccord, president of the SBC?s North American Mission Board, calls those heading to the Gulf ?a dedicated army of compassion.? It is evident that these individuals will be put to the test in the days to come as they witness the horrors of the situation and possibly contend with outbreaks of violence that are arising in the region.

The SBC volunteers are from 25 states, including Lynchburg, Virginia, ready and willing to help their fellow man and share the Gospel. Dr. Reccord says they will be cooking meals, removing fallen trees, providing hot showers, clearing mud from homes and ?giving comfort flowing from their faith.?

The North American Mission Board coordinates the work of the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, the third largest disaster recovery organization in America. They partner with the American Red Cross, and will be serving up to 300,000 meals per day by this weekend.

The North American Mission Board is familiar with dealing with these types of tragedies; last fall, their corps of volunteers prepared 2.6 million hot meals in the wake of the Florida hurricanes. More than 8,000 individuals traveled to Florida to, as Dr. Reccord says, ?offer others a cup of water in the name of Jesus Christ.?

He says that feeding a ?city in exile? over the course of the following weeks, possibly months, will require unparalleled effort and resources.

And that?s where I hope you will come in.

I am asking my readers to prayerfully consider joining TRBC, LU and hundreds of other SBC churches, making an immediate special gift to the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief effort. Not everyone can physically go to Louisiana or Mississippi to lend a helping hand, but we can all make a contribution to this essential effort.



Are you crazy trying to say something good about a Christian minister? That can get you cyber stoned around here....


I'm not sure that Falwell is either "Christian" or a "minister." He's a televangelist, which is about on par with a freak show carney.


My Mom was unable to attend Church a few years before she passed away. She got a great amount of encouragement and faith building sermons from church services that were telecast. Rev. Falwell was only one that she watched.

It's easy to simply wrap them all up in one big bundle isn't it? It's really no better than discriminating against an entire race because you happen not to like a few people who are of that race. We all know that this is wrong. I wonder why you think it's acceptable to castigate all televangilists?

But...thank you for beginning the "cyber stoning" that I predicted.


Ehh..... I have had worse. Cyberspace stonings remind me of Monty Python life of Brian.


Freak show carney or not He still has a home for single mothers in Virginia, and he is opening those doors up to the infants caught in the N.O. flood.

I guess some people only want to look at the wrong people do never the good.



That is great that your mom found comfort from that media.

I like what paul said.

Phil 1
17The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.[c] 18But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.


Well that's better than his Taliban-esque statement after 9/11 blaming the attacks on Feminists and the ACLU. LOL


Zeb, your mother's good experiences notwithstanding, I still don't trust televangelists. I have nothing against Christian ministers provided that they are in fact "Christian ministers." I seriously question whether televangelists fit into that category. I see them as nothing more than clever sales people making a buck off of people's hopelessness. I'm cynical that way.


Damn it, I would not trust him if he told me the sky was blue, but on this he, gulp, may be right and his critics, who don?t get that, wrong.

PS. I know that the FSM will punish me for this and I shall forever be punished in the freezer of doom.


May His noodly appendage not be withdrawn from me!


I understand your thought process. Some look slick...to slick!

However, remember this: you have walked into Gyms before and turned away in disgust. No Squat rack, not even a Barbell or Dumbbell! Are all Gyms bad? You have also been offended by someone of a certain race or national origin, are they all bad?

No doubt, there are some ministers on TV who take advantage of those who follow them, sad indeed.

However, the majority of minister who happen to telecast do not take advantage of people and run an honest church via the TV airwaves. There followers are sometimes poor, sick, elderly or simply someone who has become disenfranchised from their neighborhood church.

They provide a great opportunity for this body of people to grow spiritually.

One (or more) bad apples don't spoil the whole bunch.

Think about it.