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Jerome Simpson Touchdown


I don't watch the NFL, but this has to be one of the most athletic plays I've seen in my entire life.

This play is deserving of it's own thread.


That was one of the sickest things Ive ever seen in sports in my entire life. WOW.


Dumb ass

What if he had gotten thrown down from the air? That would have been the eqivalent of a real life full force powerbomb.

Props for athletic ability but that was stupid.

Looks good on a highlight now but it could've easily been....a dark day in the nfl

And for this to be celebrated is even worse. Now every retard is gonna be trying this and end up in an assisted living home.


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Agreeing before thread is ultimately ruined because of obvious statement.


I've never been a football fan, but I do enjoy highlights... especially AWESOME ones like the OP.

And yes, ^THAT may be an obvious statement, but it bears repeating.


x2 Agreed.


Whoopty fucking doo.

You wanna experience some real athleticism? Try running for 90+ minutes straight, with constant kicks to the ankles and shins while still maintaining the pedal dexterity to finesse shots around a rabid defensive line and a fresh-as-fuck goalie.

Jesus... on a site full of weight-lifters, you'd think some of you would be a little more realistic about just how easy it is to jump in the air when the MAXIMUM time a "football" (LOL!) player needs to exert himself is - what? - 10 seconds?

^This doesn't include the amount of time they spend putting on their medieval-melee grade PADDING and adjusting tampons during commercial breaks.

Wanna see impressive? Step in front of a goal and try to stop a potentially tie-breaking penalty kick on INTERnational TV. (i.e., finally catch up with the rest of the friggen' world!)

Best athletes in the world? What a crock. What's the best way to expose a football "star" for the frauds they are? Ask them to do a physical activity that lasts more than 12 seconds. Oh, laying on the ground gasping for air while trying not to drown in your own puke?? Don't mind me, I'll just be whistling for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said fresh and it had dice in the mirror....


My fat uncle can run for 90 mins straight, nothing impressive there. So an athlete who fakes tripping and weighs 110lbs is the best in the world? This is laughable. Watch football players train, they're combination of speed, explosiveness, strength and agility far outweighs any soccer player. Basketball players are also phenomenal athletes. Out of every poll where this is analyzed, football and basketball always beat out soccer, always.


Silly rabbits!

Everyone knows that crossfitters are the best athletes!




He was joking!

There isn't one person on this whole board that has even seen one of them gay ass soccer games.


Nfl are good athletes, not the best but very good none the less.

Greatest overall. No.

Can they do a muscle up or an iron cross? sub 4 hour marathon? x2 BW snatch? x2.5 BW ATG squat? in the same week?


It's happening.


Ha! I posted the video on facebook and my comment was that it looked like Starship Troopers.
"Flip six three hole!" or whatever.


MFW I saw that touchdown.

Debatable as to whether NFL athletes are uniformly the best athletes in the world. But that was amazing.


Thanks for playing.


How do you consider running 20yards and doing a front flip (granted it is over somebody) the 'most athletic' play that you've seen in your life? Was a good TD but nothing close to the most athletic play.

As for the football players being the greatest athletes... it really depends on their position.


Haha I feel stupid now, though after some of things posted here it never surprises me the things people say. I should have known better since you clearly don't look like a soccer person