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Jerome Ersland


Whats your opinion of this? Self defense or murder?


It was wrong of him to go back and finish the guy off, but you shouldn't be committing armed robbery.
Therefore, I disagree with the life sentence, those two put him in a position where he was in a shootout, they ended up on the losing side. Fuck them.


Do you think his 14 y/o accomplice who actually had the gun in the robbery but escaped should be treayed as a juvenile, meaning he'll be free at 18 or do you think he should be treated as an adult?




I think he should get the nobel peacve prize if you're robbing a store, someone's home your life should be forfeit fuck the dead guy his family and everyone who knew him


I think he shouldn't have gone back, he ended the situation and he should have let the police finish it or just let whoever bleed out. Going back and reloading is definitely what got him convicted, if he didn't do that he probably would've got off on self-defense. The kid who had the gun should be tried as an adult. You commit a crime like that you shouldn't just get a pass.


Hey You break into a mans business and to commit armed robbery all bets are off. This verdict is bullshit. I don't blame him for reloading, but how is shooting an already dead person some more a crime? I think all victims of assault, armed robbery or anything of the like, should get off. There's something wrong when we punish the victims.

Armed robbery is a high risk job, there are consequences. I hope he gets off on appeal....
If this happened in Texas, he would have gotten a medal.


Self defense. You try to rob someone, you forfeit all rights. Period.

He may have thought that if the kid lived, he could attack him at a later date.

I don't think it is the responsibility of a store owner to be reasonable in a situation like that.


His lawyer seemed to be pretty pad. Manslaughter at best was what he should have been charged with. IMHO that kid deserved to die. You A) attempt to rob a store and B) do it with a weapon, you should pretty much forfeit your right to life. Too bad he didnt get the other ones.

American legal system = casey anthony goes free, jerome ersland goes to jail.


I personally hope he gets at least parole or gets out of it in an appeal but the fact that he reloaded his gun and came back and shot him 5 more times destroyed his chance of manslaughter.


Yup, that is royally fucked up....


The soonest he can get parole as of now is in 38 years. He'll be 97.




If that's how she thinks and rationalizes, then I hope that was her only child, and is now barren.
It sucks that that's how this kids life ended up, but if he's anything, it isn't a hero.
AND she's going to try to sue in civil court. SMH.


Question could this not be considered a passion crime? I am no legal expert but is it not the same as when youcome home find you wife fucking someone else and you kill them both is it not almost the same? Any smart folks out there?


But what if he did get off? Then what? Would he go back to his pharmacy? The boy's family would probably want revenge. Even though the boy was clearly in the wrong, and the man was defending himself, I don't think they would care about that at all. And if they came after him he would either be involved in another shooting or be shot himself. If the verdict gets overturned, I think it would be best for him to close down shop and leave town, otherwise, he'll be looking over his shoulder for a long time.


Should be tried as a Adult. I hate the idea of lighter sentences for crimes due to something as irrelevant to the crime as age. Juvenile law implies that due to age the perpetrator does not posses the knowledge to fully comprehend the consequences/impact of what he/she is doing. The idea that someone old enough to commit a violent or property crime does not understand concepts central to nearly all cultures such as ownership or life/death is horseshit.


I completely agree. I read that back in the 19th century when juvenile laws started, what it had in mind were kids that may steal apples from pushcarts or other things like that. It certainly didn't have armed robbery in mind. And I don't consider anyone past puberty a child, even if they are under 18 which is an arbitrary age anyway.


I would give the Pharmacist a >5 year sentence.

I agree with what someone said earlier, going back, grabbing another gun and reloading is what convicted him.

A life sentence is ridiculous, but some punishment should be given.


Manslaughter for the pharmacist. And the 14 year old should be charged with murder (as an adult). His crime led directly to the death of the other one.