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Jerminator TRT Log

So I’m starting my TRT journey sometime this week, whenever the stuff is delivered. Thanks for tuning in.

I used Defy, they were good through the whole process and I appreciate that they can take care of everything end-to-end.

The plan:
20mg Test Cyp Daily - Sub Q
150IU HCG Daily - Sub Q
25mg DHEA nightly - Oral

I have very low Test, Free T, and Estrogen, so I appreciate that the Dr prescribed me an AI so that I would have it, but told me not to take it unless severe issues were encountered and even then to call back first.

He said that from my labs I have high “lutenizing hormone” so that’s why he went with daily injections.

I’m excited to get started, although a little nervous. There are many stories on here about the first week being weird, and my first week happens to line up with my vacation. Not sure what to expect.

I’m also wondering if my dose is too low. I only have forums to compare with, but my dose works out to 140mg per week. The common starting point seems to be at least 200mg. And my Free T levels are very low:
Total: 121
Free: 6.7

So maybe he’s just starting me out low because there’s nowhere to go but up? I mean I’m not going to question it since I haven’t even done an injection yet, but it’s hard not to overthink things.

Common starting dose def isn’t 200mg. It’s 100mg a week

If anything your dose will be too high.

How did defy determine you need daily dosing?

I must have been misreading dosages then.

He said that I had normal LH which combined with everything else being low he hoped would make it easier to boost Free T levels with daily dosing.

I thought they look at shbg to make that decision. I don’t think LH gives one that info. If I’m wrong please tell.

Most likely You’ll be fine. Or wait till you get back. There’s no telling.

Daily dosing usually goes with low shbg and isn’t ideal for obvious reasons (many many injections).

Defy must’ve been looking at shbg when they made this call. BUT, I’d THINK they’d wanna start at something more standard out of the gate, like 100mg/week and then assess where shbg lands, as well as FT and e2.

Interesting post in that a major TRT clinic is advocating daily shots.

He did mention this too. This makes more sense in context.

Yah that’s it. LH doesn’t tell one how much dose is needed on trt. Unless I’m missing a key part .

So first pin, 20mg = .1 ml. Seems like a very small amount of liquid. Good thing I don’t mind needles.

So you’re doing 20mg daily?

That’s a pretty large dose for trt given the cumulative effect the half lives will have.

Yeah, the Dr said that because I have low T(free and total) AND low SHBG that the uptake(I think that’s the word he used) would be better with daily injections.

.1 ml is such a small amount of liquid tho

They are SubQ injections, so if you know the technique for injecting SubQ (hand motion like throwing a dart) they are pretty much painless. I actually sometimes can’t even tell a needle is in.

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To much for some and not enough for others.


Almost two weeks in. Still not Batman.

Lots of needles, hopefully results to follow.

Give it time. Marathon not sprint. You’ll experience ups and downs and most likely tweak fill it’s perfect … I was told 3-4 months.

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Three weeks in. No huge changes, I have noticed less inflammation and a little better recovery.

Morning wood is constant. Vacation is done, and I’m now healthy(cold/flu kicked my ass). I can finally breath and refocus on diet and gym.

This is lots of needles. I am doing SubQ and have bruised myself a few times, but I can pretty much do it in my sleep now.

-Sleep is crap, not sure if related to TRT but has served to keep some fat around mid section(always happens when I have insomnia)
-Muscle mass has improved noticeably
-Got asked twice how much weight I had lost even though scale is the same
-Nipples very sensitive but aren’t getting big like gyno
-Bumps forming below skin at injection sites(subQ). Other than itching no real problem here
-Thinking about switching to slightly bigger needles, getting the cyp out of the vial is a pain in the ass
-Have only missed 2 days

I draw with 20g, swap needle out, and inject with 30g.

You’re far enough in now where T and E2 levels should be stabilizing. I think your dose may be a tad high and the E2 is high (hence the sensitive nipples). I would go ahead and call Defy and request my follow up labs a little early. Might be time to lower that dose a bit.

How are you feeling though?

I had nipple sensitivity for 3-4 months it recently disappeared. I did not change dose.

I actually mostly feel the lack of sleep atm. It’s hard to get past that.
But in general I have felt a lot better since starting.

The nipple sensitivity has actually gone down after I took one of the anastrozle pills that they gave me. So I will probably call them and ask if I should keep taking it.

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