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JERM, Where You At?


If memory serves, roughly 3 months ago you said you were going to gain 25-30 pounds of muscle and then diet down for a show within that time frame (3 months).

I believe the show you mentioned is scheduled for early June. So what have you done with your time?


Good thinking. I'm quite interested as well.


the Kid demands results !

Way's on a fucking results kick.


LMFAO! The guy that said, "Must win, no other option." 25-30lbs in 3 months eh? He only talks to "real cats" not a bunch of mystery internet people


haha yah.

It was either 15-20

or 25-30, I cant remember.


Yes, let's see if he's topped hussayn. As I recall, jerm called him "dough boy" or somesuch.

In before wall of excuses.


that kid was a clown. im still convinced he weight ~190 in his pics where he claimed to be 200-210