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Jerky Leg Movements

When I work upper body, I try to do my reps with a controlled, medium pace with the force exertion part of the exercise taking about as long as returning to the start position.

Whenever I directly work Quads, Hams, or Glutes with leg extensions, leg curls, and leg pushbacks, it’s much harder to do a controlled movement for some reason. Especially for leg curls and leg extensions, the movement just turns out being too fast kind of.

I’m still using proper form and not going off of momentum, but I just can’t do as controlled a movement as with upper body movements.

Does anybody else face this issue? Is this a bad thing? I’m still seeing gains, but should I lower the weight until I can do slow reps?

Not all reps have to be slow, on leg extensions I shoot the weight up as quick as possible and lower it controlled, I do that on almost all my movements as long as they stay controlled. You said you are seeing gains, well then keep doing what you are doing.