Jerky and Smoked Foods

I don’t have a good source of them, so let me apologize for jumping in here. I usually get pretty decent sized bags of beef jerky at the local Wal-Mart, and it’s pretty well priced, actually.

What I did want to share is a word of caution about the sodium content. The other night, I was making a shake and dropped my last tub of cottage cheese on the floor; wonderful. After clean up, I decided I'd just make my last two P+F meals from beef jerky and nuts.

I'm not usually a "salt-sensitive" person, but I woke up and looked in the mirror; I honestly thought I had gained about ten pounds! My face was very puffy as well. I just wanted to warn you about that, as it was a very bad reaction. I don't think I'll consume that much jerky in a single day anymore.

Oh, and a quick thing about the PB Grow! bars. I liked the taste but the consistency took a little bit away from it...too chewy. I tossed one in the fridge, though, and I have to say that when it's firmer, it distictly resembles a Butterfinger bar. At least, I think so. Been a few years since I've had one. Anyway, it was great and I will definitely either freeze or refridgerate all of my PB bars from now on.