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Jerk Variations... Which One Is Yours?


For the guys who do the clean and jerk, or just the jerk, I was just wondering what variation you choose and why??

I prefer the push jerk with a double knee bend as it allows me more balance and stability while being able to still lift the most weight.

Ironically, my favorite lifter is Pyrros Dimas, who uses the same style.


Can you ride it down into a full squat like that?

The thing with jerking in your manner is that there is less ability to "chase" a lift that is off position. Btw, I split jerk, but am going to do some squat jerks on the lighter sets now that I realize I can OHS ATG with a jerk grip.


Dimas does a push jerk. Zhang Gouzheng does a squat jerk.

I go to about slightly above parallel.

I ave also tried using split jerks and its just not as stable for me. Whatever "Chasing" that needs to be done is more compensated for using the double knee dip