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Jerk Position Uncomfortable


I have been making good progress with my jerk as its my strongest lift but I have a couple questions.

Should the bar be on top of my collarbone (touching throat) when I jerk? It seems to be the most efficient area to launch it off of but I find it to be uncomfortable (I may be a pussy) on my clavicle/collarbone. Will I get used to this initial minor pain of jerking it from there or whats the deal?


Scott, do you have a three point or one point rack?


never heard of them before, what are they?!


Three point rack is when the bar sits on the distal clavicles and on the sternum. A one point rack is when the bar sits on the sternum only. A two point rack is when the bar does not touch the sternum, sitting on the distal clavicles only, which you obviously do not have.


That makes sense now, I guess this is why some peoples jerks look so different. Ya seems like a one point or three point rack is what I have. I will confirm later today


While you are at it, check the flexibility of your arms and shoulders. Sometimes, deficits here prevent the bar from sitting well on the delts/distal clavicles, so it puts more pressure on the sternum.